Did Tia & Blake Know Each Other Before 'Bachelor In Paradise'? The Origin Story Of The "Tatty Daddy"

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Did Tia & Blake Know Each Other Before 'Bachelor In Paradise'? The Origin Story Of The "Tatty Daddy"

When Tia Booth's vagina dances, I dance. And so, I couldn't help but be happy when Tia and Blake went on a date in Bachelor in Paradise. But even though I was glad she was feeling those sparks in her nether regions, I was suspicious that she seemed to know who this Blake in Paradise was. Uh, Blake who? Surely, she must have confused him for Blake Moynes or even Blake Horstmann? But no, she was locked and loaded with the "Tatty Daddy" reference, so it appeared Tia and Blake knew each other before Paradise.

At this point in BiP Season 7, any connection pre-Paradise that gets sniffed out may lead you to be exiled. Blake immediately zeroed in on Tia. But with his comment that it was "good to formally meet you," it doesn't seem they had actually met before like (ahem) Brendan and Pieper or even Chris and Jessenia.

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"I feel like people are gonna think we've like known each other for a long time," Tia said. So I did the digging and found that Blake and Tia did interact on the old Instagram a bit before Paradise. Here's the scoop.

"Tatty Daddy"

Forgive me in advance for how much I'm about to type the words "tatty daddy" (blame Tia, not me), but here's where that term originated from.

Blake Monar was sent home during the rose ceremony at the beginning of the third episode of Clare's Bachelorette season. (No need to add the "/Tayshia" since he was gone quicker than Clare could choose Dale). Tia was watching and she took to her Instagram Stories to comment on Blake's exit. (Infinite thanks to Reddit user dwtslove for graciously documenting and posting Tia's Story.)

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