Updates On Michelle's Season Of 'The Bachelorette' — Everything You Need To Know

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Updates On Michelle's Season Of 'The Bachelorette' — Everything You Need To Know

While tonight is sure to be "unexpected" (as Katie puts it) and dare I say, the most dramatic finale ever, I am already looking ahead to Michelle's season of The Bachelorette. Praise to the powers that be over at ABC that had the brilliant idea to bring us not one but two Bachelorette season's this year. I am not trying to gloss over Bachelor in Paradise, I live for paradise, but Michelle was just my favorite from Matt's season and I am just really excited to watch her journey (... take a drink).

With potential suitors being announced, and filming underway, I tracked down every single thing I could find about Michelle's season of The Bachelorette. Let's go...


  • Bachelorette: Michelle Young- 28, St. Louis Park, Minn. She was the runner-up on Matt's season, is a 5th grade elementary school teacher, and played Division 1 college basketball.
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  • Marquette Hotel in Minneapolis, MN, according to Reality Steve. He also states that, "If you go on their site, they are currently booked out from August 5th-29th and I’ve been told it’s for “Bachelorette.” I went ahead and did this and in fact it does say all dates from August 5th to the 29th are sold out.
  • Reality Steve also says that there may be one more location and that hometown dates are coming back.

Filming Updates

  • They began film on July 30th, according to Reality Steve.
  • Tayshia Adams was interviewed on The Almost Famous Podcast and said that she was "on set" for Michelle's season. This episode came out on August 5th.
  • Mike Fleiss posted a picture of Michelle on location on August 7th. I mean, we all knew there was going to be a basketball date right? Can't wait to watch Michelle mop the floor with the men.


This post will be updated with more information as production continues.

Image: ABC

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