Wait, Are Kendall & Ivan Together On 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

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Wait, Are Kendall & Ivan Together On 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

Kendall and Ivan kissing on a beach. K-I-S-S-I-N—wait, Kendall and Ivan? If that was you while watching Bachelor in Paradise, you're not alone. During Tuesday night's intense episode of the summer's greatest shit show, emotions were high and spit was swapping between a lot of the already-formed couples in Paradise. And then there was Kendall and Ivan, BIP's newest couple, question mark, that apparently got together while everyone else was ambushing Brendan and Pieper on the beach.

Last I thought we saw Kendall truly in action was on the beach when she and Joe were reliving the painful end to their relationship while she called him "butthead" multiple times. It was... "closure." Ivan has been pretty MIA since Jessenia dropped his ass for Chris C., which worked out really well for her. So perhaps these two lost souls found each other when no one else was watching...

Of course, editing is the main character of Bachelor in Paradise and could easily have manipulated this kiss to look like it was happening now versus later in the season... but also, no. At some point, Ivan and Kendall were kissing and we all missed how we got there.

If we really wanted to be cynical, there was a rose ceremony looming... could this have been a rose-worthy kiss? No, that's too dark, Allison. These people don't screw with people's hearts like that! They don't use people to stay longer! Producers wouldn't encourage someone to keep someone else around just so she can wreak havoc on her ex's new relationship! (Completely unrelated: Kendall did get Ivan's rose.)

At this point, neither Kendall nor Ivan have addressed the surprise kiss. They may also not even know they were apart of a couple.

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