Blake's NSFW 'Bachelorette' Painting Has Been Revealed

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Blake's NSFW 'Bachelorette' Painting Has Been Revealed

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and never has that been more true than in the case of Blake's NSFW Bachelorette painting. Katie finally revealed the artwork, which was originally entirely blacked out by Bach producers, on Instagram after the finale aired Monday, Aug. 9. And. honestly, it's left me with way more questions than answers.

Back when he created the painting on a particularly giggly group date, Blake called it "a physical, visual representation of one of the most amazing beautiful things that humans are able to do on a daily basis." Knowing Blake and his unapologetic sex-positivity, I immediately assumed that Blake's painting was just of him and Katie having sex. Boy was I wrong. It turns out, Blake's painting wasn't really about him and Katie, so much as it was just about a very NSFW part of him. I think. Enough beating around the bush, here's the painting Katie posted:

Image: Katie Thurston/Instagram

Now, the romantic in you might want to believe that Blake painted that stunning nude silhouette on the right, but looking back at the group date, you'll see that is simply impossible. Hung over the mantle, that painting almost reaches the ceiling, and there's just no way that Blake's art piece was that large. Not to mention the fact that he also made clear art wasn't his thing on the date, which means the odds of him making something that good are slim. So, no, Blake's painting is definitely the one on the left.

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