Greg Grippo Addresses His Acting History, The Finale Fight & More On 'The Viall Files'

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Greg Grippo Addresses His Acting History, The Finale Fight & More On 'The Viall Files'

In his first interview since The Bachelorette finale on Monday, one-time golden boy turned controversial frontrunner/dearly departed reality TV contestant, Greg Grippo, shared his side of the story on The Viall Files, hosted by Nick Viall. And boy oh boy, Nick sure didn't hold back with his questions and Greg didn't hold back with his transparent responses. And! There's even a dash of ownership of past wrong doings. Gotta love a redemption tour!

The interview/podcast itself is over an hour long, so I watched it and have provided you with the most important takeaways below. You're welcome.

On the breakup with Katie...

  • Nick asked him if he wanted Katie to hurt as well because he was hurting and Greg admitted that although it "sucks to say, that's a fair... way to look at it."
  • Greg says looking back, he has a lot of work to do on himself and needs more fully process the death of his father, as well as the death of his therapist.
  • Greg says that his relationship with Katie "wasn't the healthiest relationship in the world because, you know, I was depending on her for happiness in that time and that wasn't fair to her at all."
  • Greg says that in those moments on the couch with Katie, he just "felt like it wasn't me."
  • It was a day and a half between Greg's hometown and him knocking on her door to breakup with her.

On After the Final Rose...

  • When Nick challenged him about saying that he doesn't have any regrets on ATFR, Greg replied that he feels differently now and that he "came off like an ass, came off like a petulant child at times... I regret it because at the end of the day, she didn't deserve that. I definitely projected a lot of my insecurities and my anger in that moment on her and at the end of the day it wasn't fair to her."
  • Greg wanted to leave ATFR in a good place with Katie and was confused by how hurt she was. Afterwards, he watched the fight back through her eyes and said, "I was ashamed about how I reacted in those moments. She didn't deserve it plain and simple. It wasn't fair to her."
  • He confirmed that ATFR was filmed three weeks before his exit episode aired, and therefore before the public reaction came out.
  • Greg addressed the acting rumor on ATFR but that didn't make the cut.

On the whole "acting thing"....

  • Greg said that out of college, he was in insurance and miserable and wanted to do something "more." He had always wanted to try acting so he ended up going to a 2-year program. He didn't end up loving it and has never been to an audition. Greg also mentions that when all of this came out, he really wanted to reach out to Katie, but didn't want to step on anyone's toe.

On how he ended up on The Bachelorette...

  • Greg said that he originally got a call from a producer back when they were casting Becca Kufrin's season (which aired in 2018). At the time, he didn't know that his sister had submitted him. He told them that it wasn't the right time for him. They reached out again for Claire's season. He said at that time, "his bags were packed... I was ready to go," and then COVID happened. He decided not to go back on because he didn't think it was a good fit. They called a third time for Katie's season and he decided to go.
  • Greg said that he went into the experience thinking "let's just see what happens... This is a crazy, unique, rare way to met someone" and that "I had been single for a long time now... I feel pretty lucky to experience this. "

On Bri Springs...

  • Greg says that she is "just a friend" and that he's pretty sure she has a boyfriend. They connected through The Bachelor. Bri was having dinner with her friends in his neighborhood and invited him to tag along.
  • They did get into the club from this picture.

Look, it's certainly a telling conversation, but does it change your opinion on the situation. Let us know if you are you Team Katie or Greg now.

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