Paige DeSorbo And I Deep Dive On ‘Love Island’ & Our Molly Mae Obsession

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Paige DeSorbo And I Deep Dive On ‘Love Island’ & Our Molly Mae Obsession

Summer House Season 5 gave us so much to be thankful for (friends, family, sharks, Luke Bobby's hats, etc.) but one of the more under-appreciated treasures it bestowed upon us was, and is, Paige DeSorbo's obsession with Love Island. You guys caught that she was watching it this season, right?

I'm obsessed with it, too, so we had to deep dive. And if you're not into Love Island, a.) why not? what's wrong with you? b.) we also talk about Paige's beauty routine and she tells me what she uses to get her hair so shiny.

So, below is part three of my conversation with Paige. (You can read parts one and two, too!) And please. Watch Love Island. Do it for us.

Sam Bush for The Dipp: So, you mentioned Love Island on the show and I'm trash and I love it. Only the UK version, though. If I'm watching a lot of it, I start to pick up their accents.

Paige DeSorbo: There was a long time where, when I was dating Perry, he was like, I need you to stop talking like this. Every time I walk into the house, I say it’s the "Villa." I started picking up their lingo and using it in my American voice and in everyday conversation. My friends were like, "what are you talking about?" And I'm just like, you wouldn't get it. "He's so fit." "My type on paper."

What is your favorite season? Do you have a favorite couple?

So my favorite season is Season 2, but my favorite couple is Molly Mae and Tommy.

[rich Embed]

They're my favorite. And I'm really into her. I like her natural look that she's going for currently. Do you know about this?

I have watched all her videos. I love when she takes the filler out of her lips. I'm also obsessed with Maura Higgins and her boyfriend and they were on Love Island. [Ed. note: Maura and her boyfriend recently split.]

I watched that Season 5 and I saw some sparks.

That's actually the season Hannah and I were watching in the house and we were like, "why are they not dating?" So when they started dating a couple months ago, Hannah and I had a full conference call about it. We were like, "this is amazing."

When I post about Love Island on my Instagram, people are like, "what the fuck are you talking about?" But I'm like, you don't even know.

I started watching it because I was sick or something. I had the flu a couple of years ago and one of my friends who's British said, "this is the perfect show to watch when you're in bed, 'cause there's like 50 episodes." And I was like, "OK, I'll try it." And then suddenly I was 10 episodes deep. And I was like, "what have you done to me?"

No, literally, not this past Christmas, but Christmas 2019, that's all I did. I was in my robe for 13 hours a day, just watching Love Island. My eyes were getting blurry. It was… it was a journey.

I look up certain people now to see if they're still together. A lot of them are still together and I want to be like, The Bachelor should take some notes because there's so many couples that are married and have kids.

But your show kind of reminds me of Love Island sometimes when it has the surveillance and you see the wrestling under the sheets when a couple is seen in bed.

When we wake up in the morning, I think about it a lot.

Image: True Entertainment/Bravo

Did you know you can buy their water bottles for this upcoming season? Whenever you guys are filming, everyone needs a Love Island water bottle. I will scream. Anyway! So, you're a beauty guru. What are your favorite hair products?

Currently I'm using Prose. And I'm a firm believer that you can't use the same shampoo and conditioner for months at a time, so when I switch on and off, I use Olaplex and then my salon that I go to, I use their texturizing spray, their hairsprays, or their blowout cream. And then I use a round brush that I got off of Amazon. I've been using big rollers a lot too after I blowdry. I have a LikeToKnowIt and then an Amazon shop that has all of my beauty products.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

With my clothes, honestly, and people think I'm lying about it, but I look at my Explore Page and it is very much tailored to my personality. Obviously, there's funny memes, too, but then it's all fashion. And I live in New York City, so even just walking down the street, I'll see a girl in an outfit and be like, "that's so cool, let me remember that and go home and recreate it."

I'm not a genius in normal terms, but in the fashion sense, I'm always thinking of outfits in my head, and then I write them down in my phone so that I don't forget them. I think I want it to be Fran Drescher in The Nanny. That's what my vibe is recently.

You're thriving in your Polly Pocket realness.

Absolutely love it.

When I was like Googling “pink, Polly Pocket clothes,” I had to ask myself what the heck I was even doing.

I have been there every single day. I'm like, how did I get here?


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