Paige DeSorbo On Joining 'Summer House,' & Her Craziest Moments With Fellow Bravolebs

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Paige DeSorbo On Joining 'Summer House,' & Her Craziest Moments With Fellow Bravolebs

Oh hi everyone. We're back! And we've go part two of my interview with Summer House star Paige DeSorbo. In part one, we talked all about her thoughts on Hannah Berner's vibe this season, Paige's split from Perry, and what it's like dating now that she's like, kinda famous.

In this part, we're getting into her Lisa Barlow energy, what it's like being a part of the Bravolebrity family, getting drunk with Ciara Miller, where she stands with Lindsay Hubbard, her take on the Shahs and the Vanderpump crew, hanging with some famous Housewives, and what she thinks of Luke's fucking hats.

You can read part one here, and may I also recommend parts one and two of my conversation with Amanda Batula, aka Batula Hoops, aka Loverqueen.

And stay tuned for part three of my chat with Paige ... in that one, we'll discuss her Polly Pocket realness, we go off on Love Island, and she gives me some beauty tips.


Samantha Bush for The Dipp: Now, were you a Bravo fan before you were on the show?

Paige DeSorbo: Of course. Bravo is like, a coming of age thing for me. I watched it since the beginning. The very beginning. I think I've seen every single show they've ever made. And people always ask, “Did you watch Summer House before?" And yes, of course I watched it! And I feel like some people are like, “Oh, you tried to get on the show. Like you watched it before.” No, I didn't try and get on it. But I knew who everyone was, of course.

And did you have any preconceived notions of who people were? Did you go on thinking Carl is a whole snack?

I went on thinking Carl was always very good looking and I, when I watched it previously, I was always like, if I ever met Amanda, I feel like her and I would just be really good friends. And then we met and I was like, that's right.

True Entertainment/Bravo

There should be some sort of Bravo show for you with like Bevy Smith and do a Fashion Queens thing.

I would die. I would actually die. Whenever I get compared to anyone's fashion, like Lisa Barlow or Dorit [Kemsley], inside I am crying tears of joy.

You have heavy Lisa Barlow energy. I can see that for you. So what do you think of Luke's hat choices?

Luke's fashion in general... Here's why I don't ever really come at Luke's fashion that much because it's so him and I think the main part of fashion is if you put something on and you're like, “I love this,” then it's fine. You know, it doesn't matter. You have to be confident in your choices.

So, we've done things where we've gone to wineries and the Hamptons is such a particular type of fashion, you know, an aesthetic. And he's always like, on the opposite end of the spectrum. But I like it because he's just being him. And I mean, he has to have one of those boy hats.

Yeah, he really loves the hat. He loves some sort of headpiece.

And I'm not afraid of a hat. I'm certainly not afraid of a headband. I'm not afraid of a headscarf. So when he takes those risks, I like it.

Okay, that's amazing. I compared him to Justin Bobby from The Hills, he would wear combat boots to the beach.

We went to a winery and he wore jeans, a cutoff tank top and a red bandana around his neck. And I was just like, “Where are you going? Cause we're going to a winery.”

I feel like you and him are kind of just polar opposites. How is that relationship now?

I don't think Luke and I have ever been closer than we are right now. And we appreciate each other for our differences, but we have not fought or had a disagreement in a really long time, even this summer. Him and I never really went at it because I was like, “Last summer I was on your case a lot. I apologize for that.”


What's your relationship like with Lindsay?

Lindsay and I have always been on good terms. I see her as a little bit of an older sister that, you know, if I'm down to get drunk, she's down to get drunk. We can have the best time together. But like on a Tuesday afternoon, I'm probably not calling her up and being like, “Oh my God, guess what happened?”

There's a respect.

We just have like a good friendship that, you know, we never get so involved in each other's lives that we would ever have a problem.

What were your thoughts on the Stravvy of at all? Because the fish and chips was… it was a moment.

It's a moment. And I've known Lindsay now for three years and I feel like I know her better than the man she was in love with.

Lindsay loves her birthday. Absolutely loves it. Loves celebrating it. And Lindsay's personality too. She's vibrant, she's loud. She loves to be laughing all the time. She's goofy. And he was a little bit more reserved. And I was thinking, “Oh, maybe, you know, opposites attract. And there's something there.”

I just never saw them getting married and spending the rest of their lives together. But I am not in a position to be like, “Hey, I think you should break up with your boyfriend.”

And also I feel like that sets your relationship up for like resentment, because, I always say opposites can attract, but that doesn't mean that they work out.

I don’t believe in opposites attract, I want you to think the exact same thoughts as me.

[Ed.'s note: You can read what Paige had to say about her relationship with Perry here, in part one of Samantha's chat with Paige.]

Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

I always say the same thing about Summer House and that's, what makes it so different from Vanderpump Rules is that you guys are a little messy, but you're not like, bad people.

Right. I actually say the same thing.

Do you talk to anybody from Vanderpump Rules?

Not really. I've met a few of them, but, probably the only one is Scheana. But our show, we really are a group of friends. We have a group chat that someone is writing in at least every other day. We hang out in the winter.

I love that you guys always define things by summer and winter. You guys always say “we hang out in the winter too.” I've never heard that in my life. And now, I say it. Basically if you didn't see me in the winter, we're not friends.

Exactly. But we do, I just had dinner with Ciara, Kyle and Amanda on Sunday.

Oh my God. Ciara is stunning.

No, sometimes I actually can't look at her. We got drunk together recently, Ciara and I, and we cried about just how much we love each other. She's just such a good friend. I can't even put it into words. I haven't met her mom and dad yet, but they did a amazing job. She is just such a strong woman who knows what she wants. She has boundaries. She's not going to let anyone tell her anything. And she's also still so nice. And I'm just, how did you come out?

[rich Embed]

Have you met any Bravolebrities? What was your best Bravo encounter?

BravoCon was one of the craziest experiences I've ever had. And I actually got home from that weekend and I called my mom and I just started crying because I was like, this was such a "pinch me" moment. I've watched all of these people on TV and, I love them. And now there's people yelling my name. You know, it was a crazy experience.

We were in a green room and we were paired with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And I was legitimately star-struck. You would've thought Leonardo DiCaprio walked in when Dorit walked in. I met Lisa Vanderpump. It was just such a star struck moment. And then recently within the past year I met Teresa [Guidice] and Dolores [Catania] and they were exactly what I thought they were going to be like.

That's what I heard.

Teresa was very quiet, but very nice. And Dolores was like, one of your mom's friends who came over and was like, "honey, how are you? What's going on?" And Margaret Josephs texts me all the time to say like, “You look gorgeous on your episode.”

They are just normal people that happen to be on TV, you know? No one's a famous actress or actor for anything... it's just everyone's life. So it is very different.

And then have you met anybody that hasn't been very nice or maybe was different than you expected them to be?

I don't think I've met anyone that was off-putting. I have met a few of the Shahs of Sunset and I thought that they were going to be a little bit more standoffish than they were. They're all so nice. You could kick it and go to a bar with them. They're very fun. So they're not as, you know, fancy as they thought they were going to be.

They're more down to earth. And I was telling Amanda, that everyone I've spoken to about BravoCon, they say that the Summer House cast was the nicest cast that they met.

Oh, that's so nice. Probably because we're the least famous or like at the bottom of the totem pole. We were dying that people even watched our show and came to our booth or whatever. We couldn't believe it.

Part Three of my chat with Paige and Part Three of my chat with Amanda drop next week!


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