Paige DeSorbo On Joining 'Summer House' And Her Craziest Moments With The 'RHONJ' & 'RHOBH' Casts

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Paige DeSorbo On Joining 'Summer House' And Her Craziest Moments With The 'RHONJ' & 'RHOBH' Casts

Oh hi everyone. We're back! And we've go part two of my interview with Summer House star Paige DeSorbo. In part one, we talked all about her thoughts on Hannah Berner's vibe this season, Paige's split from Perry, and what it's like dating now that she's like, kinda famous.

In this part, we're getting into her Lisa Barlow energy, what it's like being a part of the Bravolebrity family, getting drunk with Ciara Miller, where she stands with Lindsay Hubbard, her take on the Shahs and the Vanderpump crew, hanging with some famous Housewives, and what she thinks of Luke's fucking hats.

You can read part one here, and may I also recommend parts one and two of my conversation with Amanda Batula, aka Batula Hoops, aka Loverqueen.

And stay tuned for part three of my chat with Paige ... in that one, we'll discuss her Polly Pocket realness, we go off on Love Island, and she gives me some beauty tips.


Samantha Bush for The Dipp: Now, were you a Bravo fan before you were on the show?

Paige DeSorbo: Of course. Bravo is like, a coming of age thing for me. I watched it since the beginning. The very beginning. I think I've seen every single show they've ever made. And people always ask, “Did you watch Summer House before?" And yes, of course I watched it! And I feel like some people are like, “Oh, you tried to get on the show. Like you watched it before.” No, I didn't try and get on it. But I knew who everyone was, of course.

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