Amanda Batula On Her Body, Social Media, And Hiding At The Gym

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Amanda Batula On Her Body, Social Media, And Hiding At The Gym

Hello, hello and welcome to part three of my conversation with Summer House star (and I do mean star) Amanda Batula. In our first two chats, we talked about Hannah Berner's tough season, the status of Amanda's friendships now, how hard it was to film Season 5, and how she met Kyle Cookie Crumbs.

Here, in the final part of my interview, we get into the silly stuff. Like, for example, her boobs. And whether or not they're real. What! You guys have been talking about them on the socials so we addressed your comments. We also chat about social media backlash, working out, and Amanda's sense of style. (Also, heads up: part three of my chat with Paige Desorbo is coming next week, bbs.)

Let's get into it.

Samantha Bush for The Dipp: The last couple of years, you and Carl have probably had the worst time on social media; the fans didn’t really have your back. This season, though, you and Carl are both getting a lot of support from viewers.

Amanda Batula: Carl's always been Carl, right? We know all sides of Carl, which is why we've always loved him and always stood up for him. And he's always been my favorite person. And I think everyone's now finally getting to see the sides of him that we all have loved this whole time.

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