Carrie Is Kissing Someone Who Is NOT Big On The 'SATC' Revival Set

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Carrie Is Kissing Someone Who Is NOT Big On The 'SATC' Revival Set

Big and Carrie shippers, you might want to sit down for this. Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted filming some romantic looking scenes with a man who is definitely not Chris Noth. On Wednesday, Oct. 20, fans and paparazzi caught SJP as Carrie kissing a new character played by Jon Tenney. But who is this guy Carrie is kissing in these And Just Like That set pics?

As of now, we don't know who Jon Tenney is playing. However, it looks like whoever he is, he's not just a one-time fling. Set photos posted to the fan-run @andjustlikethathbo Instagram account showed Parker filming scenes with Tenney outside Carrie's iconic stoop in two different outfits, which means he lasts at least more than one scene. (Though they only kissed in one set up.) But whether he'll make it to the next episode — i.e. the next few weeks of shooting — remains to be seen.

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Obviously, this on-set kiss has fans buzzing about the implications for Carrie and Big. Does this mean they're getting divorced, as some theories suggest? Is Carrie having a secret affair? My guess is neither. If you're a Dipp regular, you already know my theory: Big will either die in the early episodes or will have just died when And Just Like That starts. The clips of Big and Carrie looking happy and dancing in their kitchen? Flashbacks. The sightings of the two filming in Paris? Flashbacks or ghostly vision. So, this date with a mystery man? It's Carrie's attempt to move on from her grief.

If you look closely at a few of the images from set below, you can see that Carrie appears to be wearing her wedding ring in the scenes with Tenney's character. So, either she and Big are married and Carrie's cheating, she and Big are married but separated, or Big is dead and Carrie is still wearing her wedding ring. I'm betting on the later.

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Beyond Carrie and Big, this new mystery man could also threaten another Sex And The City ship: Carrie and Aidan. Actor John Corbett's return to the SATC universe has been confirmed for months, and fans had hoped that maybe Aidan and Carrie would finally get the happy ending they deserved (or didn't, depending on who you ask). But, if this new guy is any indication, a Carrie and Aidan ending isn't as likely as some may have thought. And maybe that's a good thing.

The whole #TeamBig and #TeamAidan fight has been going on for literal decades, and, let's face it, neither man has treated Carrie all that well in the past. Maybe she deserves someone new — someone who's never cheated on her, who she's never cheated on, or who she's never cheated with.

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