John Corbett Will Be In The 'SATC' Reboot — #TeamAidan, We Ride At Dawn

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John Corbett Will Be In The 'SATC' Reboot — #TeamAidan, We Ride At Dawn

When HBO Max announced a Sex & The City Reboot in December of 2020, I couldn't help but wonder, where the fuck is John Corbett? Four months later, we have our answer: he's right back in New York City. John Corbett will be back for the Sex And The City reboot, and our Aidan senses are positively on fire.

"I'm going to do the show," Corbett told Page Six on April 15, telling the outlet that it was all "very exciting" for him. The reboot, titled And Just Like That, will find Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte (RIP Samantha) navigating life in their 50s. Not much is known about what the show has in store for the three BFFs, or their significant others, but as rumors of the returning cast begin to take shape, we're getting a better idea. And one thing's for sure, it doesn't look good for Big.

When asked how many episodes fans can expect to see Corbett return for, the actor teased, "I think I might be in quite a few." In my mind, "quite a few" could mean three to all, so that doesn't give us much, but it's something. And what would be the point of bringing back Aidan, the one that got away, for more than one episode if not to explore his relationship with Carrie?

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Meanwhile, Chris Noth, who played the elusive Mr. Big, has been very cagey regarding his future on the reboot. And, rumors that he might be shown the door in favor for another one of Carrie's TV lovers have been brewing since January, when a blind item posted by Deuxmoi ominously stated, "This reboot will eliminate one of the main characters love interests so that they can bring back their one true love." The use of the word "eliminate" is particularly telling given that writers reportedly planned on killing Big in a potential Sex And The City 3. All in all, it doesn't bode well for Noth's return.

Team Aidan vs. Team Big has been a debate among Sex And The City watchers for decades. Perhaps And Just Like That will finally put that all to bed. I'm just saying... Team Big can't win if Big is dead!


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Image: Screenshot via HBO Max

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