Men You Think You Love, But Shouldn't: Aidan Shaw

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Men You Think You Love, But Shouldn't: Aidan Shaw

Welcome to Men You Think You Love, But Shouldn't, a series where we offer insight into the glaring flaws of all of our formerly favorite men.

Before we even start, a little WARNING!!!! In no way am I saying Carrie Bradshaw is perfect and flawless in this relationship. The following is strictly about Aidan Shaw. OK, let's get into it.

Listen, to an extent, I understand the appeal of Sex and the City's Aidan Shaw. Carrie had been Through It with men so when Aidan comes onto the scene, he seems different. He seems earthy and cool. I mean, the man builds furniture. It's hot. I get it. And he seems relatively emotionally available. BUT. Only on his terms. Let's be clear about that.

Carrie and Aidan meet in Season 3 (the episode is called "No Ifs, Ands, or Butts") when her friend Stanford Blatch drags her to a furniture show and as soon as they get there Pete, Aidan's annoying ass dog, runs over and starts humping her. (Pete can never chill, and that is a constant in the show.) Aidan quickly scoops Pete up and quite literally throws him into a table, which, speaking of, I'd like a wellness check on Pete.

After chucking his beloved animal kingdom companion aside, Aidan then walks his woodsy, pretentious ass over to a chair and he seductively rubs it as he tells Carrie the leather is "over 100 years old." Hard pass, sir. I don't want old leather! Carrie doesn't either, but he convinces her she does, and her dizzy self orders the chair and tells him she's a designer for the discount.

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