Let's Theorize About Big's Fate In The 'SATC' Revival (Aka Why He's Definitely A Ghost)

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Let's Theorize About Big's Fate In The 'SATC' Revival (Aka Why He's Definitely A Ghost)

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, the official And Just Like That Instagram account uploaded another glamour shot of Chris Noth's Mr. Big, allegedly from the set of the Sex And The City reboot. But guys, I'm not buying it. There is no way that Big is alive on the reboot, and I think this definitive SATC reboot Big theory roundup will convince you.

The last time we saw Big and Carrie in Sex And The City 2, they were getting a little tired with the monotony of married life, but, even though Carrie — spoiler alert — kissed Aidan, she and Big ended up committed to their relationship and their life together. Despite this happy ending, rumors about the state of Carrie and Big's relationship have been all over the place ever since the SATC revival, And Just Like That, was announced. Are Big and Carrie still married? Are they getting a divorce? Are they already divorced when the show picks up? Is Big dead? Did Carrie kill him? (OK, I made that last one up.)

With filming currently underway, and Big's presence confirmed on social media and by the first official And Just Like That footage, it's time to check on in all the SATC revival Big theories, and what they could mean for the show.

Big Is Alive & Still Happily Married To Carrie

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Pro: New footage released of Big and Carrie dancing in their kitchen, and recent photos of Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker filming scenes in Paris definitely make it look like Big and Carrie are doing great. The two were seen strolling along the same bridge where Big told Carrie she was the one in the series finale. (By "real," I mean one that didn't involve wives or fiancés.) Most notably, in the paparazzi photos from set, you can clearly see Big wearing a wedding ring, suggesting that he and Carrie are still married. And he's also wearing his wedding ring in his first official And Just Like That portrait, posted Sept. 17.

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