The New 'SATC' Reboot Video Proves Your Carrie & Big Theories Were Wrong — Or Does It?

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The New 'SATC' Reboot Video Proves Your Carrie & Big Theories Were Wrong — Or Does It?

Leave it to HBO to release new footage of the Sex And The City reboot during the Emmys and... for almost none of us to notice. But never fear, The
Dipp is here! In case you missed it, a new HBO Max promo features a couple blink-and-you'll-miss-it clips of the reboot, and the new And Just Like That footage could change all your theories about Carrie and Big.

The footage shows Carrie and Big dancing around their kitchen, making an omelette before sharing a very sweet kiss. On the surface, it sure looks like it confirms that Carrie and Big are still together in And Just Like That — no dead husbands or divorces here. It definitely looks like HBO is trying to put all the speculation of what Carrie and Big's relationship will be in the Sex And The City revival to rest.

Fans have been arguing and theorizing about Big's appearance in the revival for months, in part because actor Chris Noth's deal to appear didn't become public until after John Corbett's. Would Carrie end up with Aidan after all? Is Big dead? Are they divorced? Did they get divorced and then he died? Well, the new footage shows that Big is a) very much alive, and b) still with Carrie. Or does it?

[video Embed]

I'm not convinced. Looking at the footage, there's something perfect about it that feels off. Something about the lighting and Carrie's white outfit gives it a dream-like quality. If anything it feels like a flashback or a memory; the kind of idealized vision Carrie might have if she's writing about her dead husband, for example.

That's right, despite what this footage wants you to believe, I have a suspicion that Big might still be biting the dust on this one. And this new And Just Like That clip is just trying to throw fans off the scent!

Image: HBO Max/YouTube

Looking at the clip in a vacuum, yes, it does look like it confirms that Big and Carrie are still going strong. But, given all the paparazzi photos and BTS glimpses we've gotten thanks to social media, it seems much more likely that Big is going to die, and this is just a flashback of some kind. Think of everything we've seen: If Big and Carrie were happy, like the clip shows, then why else would she be meeting up with his ex-wife? Why would Aidan be back at all? And why wouldn't Noth have been included in that one big group scene with all the girls and their families?

But what has really convinced me is this thread from Sex And The City superfan @annahatcher. In the thread, @annahatcher claims that she saw the filming of a couple And Just Like That scenes, including one where Carrie seems to get dropped off at her and Big's home, but decides not to go in.

[rich Embed]

Then, there's the addition of new cast member Sarita Choudhury, who the thread identified as being in Big's apartment in her official cast photo. According to Deadline, she's playing Seema Patel, a real estate broker, and she was seen filming scenes with Sarah Jessica Parker outside of the apartment building. This all suggests to me, and @annahatcher, that Big dies in the reboot (or is dead when it starts), and Carrie hires Seema to sell their home after his death.

[rich Embed]

I'm convinced. Don't let the cute breakfast clip fool you. Big is going to die in And Just Like That, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.


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Image: HBO Max/YouTube

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