So, Did Carrie & Samantha Meet In Paris After All?

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So, Did Carrie & Samantha Meet In Paris After All?

After a long hiatus, many Twitter feuds, and a 10 episode reboot... SATC's Carrie and Samantha are friends again! Maybe. Possibly. Probably? It's hard to say for sure because one moment in the finale of And Just Like That the two former besties were texting about getting drinks in Paris, and the next moment we see Carrie recording her first episode of her new podcast, Sex and the City. Looks like we have another Cleveland situation on our hands.

Let's back up. The show has been teasing us with a Samantha reunion here and there all season. First, Samantha sent beautiful flowers to Big's funeral, Carrie and her exchanged texts about the time Samantha took out Carrie's diaphragm, and in the finale, Carrie texts her about kissing someone, with Samantha promising they can talk "Soon."

Fast forward to Paris, the city where SATC reunions love to happen. After Carrie says goodbye to Big on the bridge, she texts her London pal and asks if she'd like to get a drink. Her response? "How's tomorrow night?"

Now, you can get from London to Paris in a little over two hours, so it isn't that far-fetched that someone would be able to make the trip. With that said, would someone who literally left the United States because she felt so betrayed by her friend be that quick to hop a train (or even shorter flight) to Paris to catch up? Was Samantha's "soon" not enough of a boundary for Carrie? Or has time healed all wounds?

We'll never know, because after Carrie responds with a very enthusiastic "FABULOUS" (which was a little too eager, in my opinion, Carrie) we jump to a few weeks later... Carrie's recording her podcast and kissing the man we predicted she'd be kissing all along. No word on what went down between her and Samantha — the biggest question everyone had about the show before its return — so add it to the list of storylines we may never hear from again. It's almost fitting the series utilizes the ellipses in its title... the show loves an intentional omission. Fabulous.

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