Comparing The Paris Bridge Scenes In The 'Sex And The City' & 'And Just Like That' Finales

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Comparing The Paris Bridge Scenes In The 'Sex And The City' & 'And Just Like That' Finales

Spoilers ahead for And Just Like That.

For the end of And Just Like That, Carrie returned to where she and Big truly began at the end of Sex and the City — Paris. A year after John's death, Carrie scattered Big's ashes into the Seine from the Pont des Arts bridge. The Paris bridge in the And Just Like That finale was the same place where Carrie and Big got back together in the Sex and the City finale, "An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux." Carrie returned to the City of Lights in "Seeing the Light," and gave a full circle farewell to her and Big's love story.

Based on leaked photos from the And Just Like That set and the costume Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing, it seems that Carrie would've visited the Parisian bridge with Big in her dream before returning in real life to scatter his ashes into the Seine. But, as TVLine reported, Chris Noth was removed from the finale (though you can still hear his voice) following sexual assault allegations. So it's unclear just how much the original AJLT finale would have mirrored the original Sex and the City finale that aired back on Feb. 22, 2004. But even in the edited version, there were plenty of parallels.

At the end of the original Sex and the City, Big comes to Paris after Miranda tells him, "Go get our girl." He finds Carrie in the hotel lobby where she had been living with Aleksandr Petrovsky, the Hôtel Plaza Athénée. Following a giggle fit from Big threatening to beat Petrovsky up for accidentally slapping Carrie, the pair then walk over the Pont des Arts bridge with the blue-domed Institut de France in the background.

The bridge is more than a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Hôtel Plaza Athénée. So assuming Big didn't have his driver with him in Paris, Big and Carrie would've strolled some 3 kilometers to get to this romantic locale where they got back together for good (well, "for good," if you ignore the first Sex and the City movie).

Carrie then walks over to the edge of the bridge where Big tells her, "It took me a really long time to get here, but I'm here. Carrie, you're the one." She replies, "Oh, kiss me, you big cry baby." And the two kiss. (Oh, so back then you liked permission for kisses, Carrie. But when it comes to the poor widower teacher in AJLT, not so much.)

While scattering his ashes, Carrie in "Seeing the Light" stands pretty much in the same exact spot where she and Big got back together. Instead of wearing a muff to keep her hands warm, like in the original ending, Carrie has bright pink gloves that look remarkably similar to the Playtex kitchen gloves she wore around her New York City block to smoke a cigarette.

Besides the location of the Pont des Arts bridge, there were other similarities between the Sex and the City series finale and the And Just Like That (series? season?) finale. The original show ended with Carrie's voiceover with the word "fabulous." In AJLT, she texts Samantha on the bridge, "FABULOUS," and ends the show in a voiceover saying, "And just like that." And let's not forget that when Big is trying to go after Petrovsky, Carrie yells at him, "You're gonna have a heart attack!" which, well... if he hadn't had a heart attack 18 years later, she wouldn't be standing on their bridge at the end of And Just Like That.

Even though the original finale had to be modified, Carrie standing alone on the Pont des Arts bridge still helped her find a bit of peace after Big's death, all while connecting this chapter of her story to her original love story with Big. And in Carrie's words, that's pretty fabulous.

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