Will Samantha Return To The 'Sex And The City' Reboot? The Door Seems Slightly Open

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Will Samantha Return To The 'Sex And The City' Reboot? The Door Seems Slightly Open

Let's just cut to the chase – and warning, there are going to be spoilers — we all have known Samantha wasn't going to be in And Just Like That... but how they were going to deal with her absence has been a mystery up until today. To sum it up, Samantha and Carrie had a falling out. Samantha moved to London. They don't talk anymore.

We are all aware of the beef between SJP and Kim Cattrall, so it isn't a huge surprise that Cattrall didn't return. But instead of killing off Samantha, and giving her story a solid bookend, she is still around. She's across the pond, but she's alive and sending flowers to Carrie after Big's death. To me, that seems like the door may remain open for these two to not only become friends again, but for Samantha to return to the series.

Obviously, more will be revealed as the series continues on, and there may even be a piece of information that comes out about their fall out that makes their relationship irredeemable. Still, while there has been no announcement about a second season, I can't help but see a sliver of hope for her return in these screen grabs.

This is definitely me wishful thinking. But I love Samantha. She is an icon. And although I am loving the reboot, I miss her. And in my opinion, the ladies just aren't complete without her.

Images: HBO MAX

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