The Mothmen & The Blossoms Connection On 'Riverdale,' Explained

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The Mothmen & The Blossoms Connection On 'Riverdale,' Explained

In hindsight, we really should've known it would all tie back to the Blossoms. Riverdale finally revealed the identity of the Lonely Highway killer, and as it turns out, it was someone we met before. No, the killer wasn't Archie's friend Eric, as I alone suspected: Instead, it was Old Man Dreyfus. The man who first told Jughead about the Mothmen was revealed to be the patriarch of a family of serial killers, which included the now-dead trucker who Betty kidnapped. Yet Dreyfus wasn't just some random guy: He was actually a distant relative of the Blossoms, who made up the Mothmen mystery to conceal his family from the rest of Riverdale.

Betty, who is technically a Blossom, learned the truth after she gave Dr. Curdle Jr. her DNA to see if it was a match with a body in the woods who they suspected to be Polly. The body wasn't Polly, but Betty's DNA did tie her to the dead trucker, who is her distant cousin.

Nana Blossom — who needs to be in jail — reveals the truth to Betty and Jughead. She knows exactly why the trucker would be a distant cousin of Betty's, and she lied many times throughout the last season in order to cover up her involvement in a pretty dark plan.

She informed Betty and Jughead that the Mothman body, which she gave to Jughead and Tabitha earlier in the season for examination, was actually "cousin Timothy," who was born after Nana Rose's now-late husband philandered with one of their many staff members. Nana initially found the body buried in the woods and passed him off as a potential alien to keep up the Mothmen ruse.

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