Is Eric The Highway Killer On 'Riverdale'? This May Be Jellybean All Over Again

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Is Eric The Highway Killer On 'Riverdale'? This May Be Jellybean All Over Again

I'm a big believer in the Riverdale gang making new friends, especially if that means they stop hooking up with one another's exes by throwing new people into the mix. However, when it comes to Archie's army friend Eric, I simply cannot find a way to trust this guy. In fact, the longer Season 5 goes on, the more I'm convinced that Eric is actually the Lonely Highway killer...and the fact that more people aren't suspicious of him is driving me crazy.

For those who don't remember how Eric started living in Archie's house, Eric was injured during wartime while Archie was his sergeant. Archie told Eric about his hometown of Riverdale, which Eric thought sounded "nice." (Clearly, Archie didn't tell him anything true about the town of Riverdale.) Eric decided to pay Archie a visit, only to reveal later that he didn't exactly have anywhere else to go. So, Eric stuck around town, and joined Archie on all his wacky adventures and numerous new career paths.

Eric is a nice enough why do I think that he's probably the killer? Here are just a few reasons my eyebrows are perpetually raised whenever he's onscreen.

The Lonely Highway Killer Is Probably Someone We Know

In Season 5 "Night Gallery," Betty captured the person she believed killed Polly. (I'm not convinced Polly is actually dead, but that's a whole other issue.) After Betty threatened to saw off his limbs, a la the Trashbag Killer, the man bit his own tongue off and choked to death, rather than being tortured by the rogue (not-exactly) FBI agent. However, as Betty tells Alice, the odds of this guy being the only killer are slim — which means, there's someone else we should be concerned about.

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