Are There Aliens On 'Riverdale'? 6 Of The Most 'Riverdale' Things To Happen In "Fire In The Sky"

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Are There Aliens On 'Riverdale'? 6 Of The Most 'Riverdale' Things To Happen In "Fire In The Sky"

Greendale, the town next to Riverdale, is known for its supernatural occurrences. It's where a bunch of witches live, after all. And while there is plenty of evil at play in the parameters of Archie, Betty, and Co.'s hometown (like, eight serial killers), you'd probably never guess that there were actually aliens in Riverdale. That is, until tonight.

"Fire in the Sky," Riverdale's seventh episode of the season, introduced the most Riverdale mystery of them all: the possibility of aliens. Yes, that says aliens, like the little guys that are high up in the sky and beam people up and scrub their memories and I can't believe I'm typing this. But that wasn't the only Riverdale-y thing to happen in Episode 7. Let's break down the craziest things we learned in tonight's new installment of the show.


Just when you didn't think Riverdale could beat a cult leader using a rocket ship to escape authorities, it does. In tonight's episode, we learn that something supernatural is happening in Riverdale, or at least so it seems. (Cue the CAOS fanfic.) While investigating the Mothman legend, Jughead and Tabitha basically stumble into Area 51 and learn that there may have been an encounter from the other side 50 years ago outside Pop's restaurant involving Pop and Nana Rose.

Jughead experiences the exact same set of odd circumstances when he's by himself at Pop's — malfunctioning jukebox, flickering lights, broken gum ball machine — and loses not only six hours of his evening after encountering a bright light outside the restaurant, but the supposed Mothman corpse Nana Rose so kindly brought out of retirement.

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