Who Is The Highway Killer On 'Riverdale'? Our Official List Of Suspects

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Who Is The Highway Killer On 'Riverdale'? Our Official List Of Suspects

Riverdale has a long history of serial killers torturing the town, and typically, those killers are revealed to be people our core crew knows intimately. The Black Hood and the Gargoyle King were both revealed to be parents, leaving the Riverdale gang with serious trust issues. Now, however, the Lonely Highway Killer is murdering women — and while we're running out of parents it could be, there's little doubt in my mind that this killer is someone we've come to know on Riverdale.

We already caught one of the apparent killers on the Lonely Highway (he bit his tongue off to die by suicide instead of letting Betty take him to prison) and Betty is convinced that there's more where he came from. A second stranger isn't such a fun reveal — but a reveal that this stranger was working with someone so close to the Riverdale residents, they could never have expected it?! Well, that's a juicy twist.

So who is on our suspect list, assuming we do know the Lonely Highway Killer? Here are some ideas, from the least likely to the most likely...


Kevin is a musical theater aficionado and often the show's comic relief — hence why I'm super into the idea that he's moonlighting as the show's murderer. While he's probably not a killer, it's worth pointing out that Kevin doesn't always make the healthiest choices: In high school, he joined The Farm (a murderous, organ-stealing cult) and now, he's wrapped up in Cheryl's new cult-y musical church despite his past cult-related trauma. Can someone check on Kevin, please?

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