Who Is Going To Die On 'Riverdale'? A Dark But Very Possible List Of Victims

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Who Is Going To Die On 'Riverdale'? A Dark But Very Possible List Of Victims

Riverdale has left a slew of bodies in its wake, so it should come as zero surprise that Season 5 is already teeing up another death. Ever since KJ Apa shared a pic of the cast filming what appears to be a funeral scene, fans have speculated that someone would meet their end at some point in this season — or possibly even next, given the show's penchant for flash-forwards. That was all but confirmed when showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared a poster for Season 6 to Instagram, along with a caption teasing, "Forces are gathering for the ultimate battle between Good and Evil as the cameras begin to roll on #Riverdale Season Six. But who will stand on which side? And who will live, and who will die? Everything has been a prelude to this."

Unfortunately, that is the question all Riverdale fans are asking at the moment, as right now, it's anyone's guess who will meet their maker before the end of the series. That doesn't mean we don't have a few theories, of course. Below our the top picks for whose time on Riverdale may be coming to an end...

Polly Cooper

Betty speculates that Polly was murdered by a serial killer, but when it comes to television, it's all too easy to think no body, no crime. Maybe that's how Riverdale is tricking us into thinking Polly is still around, only to pull the rug out from underneath us when it's revealed that she was tragically killed as suspected. We didn't see Polly in the funeral scene Apa posted, though, uh, to be fair, that would be a pretty huge spoiler if we did. She's not my top choice for who Aguirre-Sacasa is referencing in that Instagram post, as she isn't exactly entangled in the fight for good or evil, but she's still a viable suspect for the funeral scene.

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