9 Clues Glen Is A Killer On 'Riverdale' — Because Why Wouldn't He Be?

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9 Clues Glen Is A Killer On 'Riverdale' — Because Why Wouldn't He Be?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any man in Betty Cooper's life has a 60% chance of being a serial killer. And her Season 5 FBI beau/boss Glen Scot — if that is his real name — is looking more and more guilty by the minute. In "Destroyer," Glen finally showed up to take over Polly's case, and in one scene he really sealed the deal. All the clues point to Glen being a killer on Riverdale, no question. But which serial killer is he, exactly?

This season on Riverdale, Betty is dealing with two potential killers: the Trash Bag Killer (TBK) she had been tracking as part of the FBI, and the Lonely Highway Killer. Some fan theories have suggested that these two killers are really the same person, and given Riverdale's proclivity for serial killers, who's to say, really? Glen could be either TBK or the Lonely Highway Killer, he could be both, or he could be a brand new killer all together. Or maybe he's an accomplice. Either way, these nine red flags show he's definitely bad news.

His Name

Image: The CW

Sure, Glen Scot sounds innocuous enough, but who spells "Glen Scot" with zero double consonants? Even Google auto-corrects it to "Glen Scott." I don't trust it, and neither should Betty.

His Whole...Look

Image: The CW

Generally, I try not to judge a person by their looks, but with perfectly coiffed blonde hair, Glen's giving off big serial killer energy. He fits the profile of the Riverdale serial killers we've seen before: white, blonde men who are obsessed with Betty Cooper tend to have at least one murder under their belt. Thank god Jughead has brown hair.

The Way He Dismissed Betty's Migrating Serial Killer Theory

Image: The CW

In his very first scene on the show, Glen shut down Betty's theory about a new migrating serial killer before she even finished her presentation. He's made it clear that he doesn't trust her after she was captured by TBK supposedly because she didn't wait for backup. He's so condescending towards her in a way that feels very manipulative. Almost like he wants her to doubt herself... maybe so she doesn't notice the killer she's working with?

Betty's TBK Abduction

Image: The CW

Let's talk about Betty's abduction. Betty was supposedly abducted by the Trash Bag Killer and kept for days because she didn't wait for backup after finding his hiding spot. My question is, how? How is it possible that backup was so far away that they couldn't get to her before she was taken? Why was she out there alone in the first place? It just doesn't make any sense — unless TBK has a friend on the inside.

Every Time He Brings Up TBK

Image: The CW

Another reason to think he's somehow tied to TBK, or, at the very least, using the killer to gaslight Betty, is that every time he brings up the Killer, it seems to be to put Betty down. In "Fire In The Sky," when Betty called Glen asking for the FBI to send another agent to Riverdale, he dismissed her hunch and then pivoted immediately to the return of TBK. His intention was clearly to rattle her so she'd abandon the topic.

His Refusal To Issue A Search Warrant For Swedlow Swamp

Image: The CW

In that same conversation with Betty, Glen also refused to lift a finger to help her search Swedlow Swamp. Odd considering they had managed to a) trace Polly's phone number to the swamp, and b) find a dead body in it. That seems like more than enough evidence to get a search warrant. Glen clearly chose not to help. Why would be do that unless he's tied to the murders?

His Office

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Another small detail, but let's take a step back and look at his office, which we saw in "Destroyer." I know this is Riverdale, so nothing makes sense, but doesn't his office look oddly sparse? I find his lack of a computer especially disturbing, given that, as Betty's point of contact with the FBI, it's possible he hasn't been recording any of the information Betty has been telling him about the missing women tied to the Lonely Highway. And that means there's no one else at the FBI who knows what kind of danger Betty might be getting into. Kind of reminds you of the TBK abduction, doesn't it?

Polly's Blood

Image: The CW

You're really telling me that the FBI can test all that phone booth blood for blood type and not for DNA? There's no way the FBI doesn't have the Black Hood's DNA on file. They couldn't just compare the two samples to see if they were related? The only evidence we have that it was Polly's blood in the phone booth is that the blood was the same type as hers. Seems shaky at best, no matter how "rare" the blood type is. Plus, it came from Glen, which immediately makes it suspect.

His Surprise Visit To Riverdale

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"Destroyer" ended with Glen showing up unannounced at the Cooper home, telling Betty's mom about the blood. Technically, as an FBI agent, he probably shouldn't lie to a victim's mother, but he could have at least given Betty a head's up. And his decision to kick Betty off the case feels particularly egregious given all the work she put in to get him to take it seriously. Now that it's really a serial killer case, Glen wants in. Could it be that he wants to protect the killer from Betty's wrath... because the killer is him?

Even if Glen isn't the TBK or Lonely Highway Killer, there's something off about him. His gaslighting behavior suggests that, at the very least, he can't stand how good Betty is at her job. My alternate theory is that he wants the serial-catching glory for himself, so he's been sabotaging Betty. Essentially, he's been gambling with her life and letting killers like the TBK get away with more murder because he wants to be the one to take them down, which would make him an accomplice.

I'd sleep with one eye open if I were you, Betty.


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