This Theory About The Lonely Highway Killer On 'Riverdale' Could Connect Him To Betty

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This Theory About The Lonely Highway Killer On 'Riverdale' Could Connect Him To Betty

It wouldn't be a new season of Riverdale without a brand-new mystery to solve, and Season 5 has a juicy one for fans (and the gang) to figure out. After the time jump, the CW show introduced the lonely highway killer to Riverdale — a town known for its serial killers (and milkshakes). And while it seems this ominous truck driver with a penchant for skeletons has already claimed two random victims (Squeaky and now Polly Cooper), I have a theory that the highway killer is a little more calculated than just picking women at random.

In "Purgatorio," Squeaky, a very blonde waitress at Pop's Diner, tells new owner Tabitha Tate that she's moving to San Francisco. (Exciting!) But, not really, because Jughead's voiceover informs us that she never made it there. The last we see of Squeaky is her hitchhiking on the lonely highway and getting into a huge truck with a skeleton tied to the front — and then, apparently, poof, she's gone.

In Wednesday's episode, "Homecoming," it seems that Betty's sister Polly may meet the same fate as Squeaky, which makes you wonder why the truck driver has chosen these two as his victims. Well, there are two things that connect Squeaky and Polly: Both are women who are looking for something, anything to help them survive this life, and, more specifically, both of them are blonde.

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