Who Is The Truck Driver On 'Riverdale'? Ms. Crouton, I Have Some Questions

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Who Is The Truck Driver On 'Riverdale'? Ms. Crouton, I Have Some Questions

RIP Polly Cooper. Well, we think. Based on the ending of Season 5's "The Homecoming," which found the eldest Cooper sister running for her life as the ominous skeleton mack truck chased her down. We have to face facts: Polly is either dead or taken, which means the truck driver on Riverdale is the serial killer du jour.

Technically we don't even know if the truck driver on Riverdale is even a killer yet — though the skeleton on the truck and Polly's terror in that final scene feels like confirmation enough. All we know about him (or her) is that they drive a truck on the outskirts of town and have a thing for young blondes. (First Squeaky, now Polly? This truck driver definitely has a type.) However, assuming the truck driver is another serial killer, because this town breeds them — literally, it won't be long before Betty catches their trail, and then the game will officially be on to track down the identity of the truck driver killer.

Thankfully, all of Betty's male relatives are either dead or, we assume, in jail for murder, so odds are the newest serial killer is not related to the Cooper bloodline. (Other serial killers are out there. They exist.) But that doesn't mean the truck driver, aka the Lonely Highway Killer, isn't connected to Betty in some way. She just may not know it yet.

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