Clues Bughead Will Get Back Together On 'Riverdale'

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Clues Bughead Will Get Back Together On 'Riverdale'

Barchie fans, plug your ears and look away. On Wednesday's episode of Riverdale, "Destroyer," Bughead reunited, but not in the way fans of the ship may want. At least not yet. Thanks to some maybe-aliens and the maybe-death of Polly, Jughead and Betty found themselves back to their old ways and doing what they do best: solving mysteries. Together. But it's only a matter of time before we get more, right? Well, we may have gotten some solid clues that Bughead will get back together on Riverdale soon.

As it turns out, the episode "Destroyer" was good to a lot of fan-favorite scene partners, romantic or not. To quickly recap, we got:

  • Betty and Jughead together (duh)
  • Betty and Cheryl together
  • Archie and Veronica together
  • Kevin and his dad together
  • Reggie and anyone but Hiram together
  • Alice and cold cuts together

Been waiting for that last one for five seasons! I know, you're not here for me to talk about deli meats... back to the matter at hand.

Bughead — they're talking! And it's more than the very awkward "Hey," at parties. Watching Bughead solve mysteries is like riding a bike, and that's exactly what they did... solve mysteries and ride bikes. Motor bikes. They rode Jughead's motorcycle. Does all of this add up to Betty + Jughead 4 Ever? Let's take a look at the clues:

  • Betty opened up to Jughead: After learning that her sister's blood type was present at the scene of the "crime" (we don't actually know what happened at the phone booth, and I'm not convinced Polly isn't up to something), Betty only told Jughead about the results. She lied to her mom about it and seemingly doesn't talk to her best friend, Veronica ever... but Jughead? She told him the secret.
  • Jughead called Betty for help: When one of his students went missing, who did Jughead call? Well, the most qualified person for the job — FBI agent, Betty Cooper. But you just know Archie would have loved to drop coaching football, being a fireman, RROTC, and whatever other jobs he's picked up in the last week, to add "volunteer searcher" to his resume. Still, Jughead leaning on Betty, the same way she leaned on him, bodes well.
  • They're solving mysteries: Polly's disappearance, the Mothmen, Lerman Logan being found on the Lonely Highway... It's just like old times, except this time Betty is holding someone at gunpoint.
  • They're back in the booth at Pop's: As Twitter user @classyreinhart said, there's just something about that booth.
  • They're back on the bike: Like I said, it's like riding a bike. You never forget how to ride a bike.

Now, the preview of Jughead and Tabitha going in for a kiss doesn't necessarily work in Bughead's favor, but maybe they're doing some type of tango for a dance marathon at Riverdale High that Kevin puts on to raise his spirits after a particularly heartbreaking episode. Yeah, that's it. That's what's going to happen.

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