The 'Outlander' Cast & Crew Says Goodbye To Season 6 On Social Media

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The 'Outlander' Cast & Crew Says Goodbye To Season 6 On Social Media

If you know the books, then you know Outlander Season 6 may not be the happiest of Outlander seasons. But the people involved seem rather pleased with the experience of filming it if the Outlander casts' posts about the last week of filming are any proof. Although the timeline has been a tad confusing with Starz tweeting that filming wrapped on June 1, Sam Heughan clarified on Twitter that Outlander Season 6 wrapped on Friday, June 4. And as members of the cast bid farewell, they dropped a few hints along the way.

While fans have learned about some actors' involvement in Season 6 through the official Starz channels (I see you, David Berry and Maria Doyle Kennedy!), other actors gave additional insight on their social media. While Colin McFarlane threw some people for a loop on Twitter on June 3, seeming to indicate he was back as Ulysses (!!), his location stamp of Hackney, London, seems to debunk that. But here are some more concrete clues and intel from the Season 6 cast as they said goodbye.

Sophie Skelton — Brianna MacKenzie

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Skelton took to Instagram on Friday to thank the cast and crew for not only a great season, but for "pushing through the added complications of a pandemic and all the elements Scottish weather could throw at us." We, too, are thankful.

Chris Larkin — Richard Brown

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Richard Brown's not really going to be much of a nice guy in Season 6, but Chris Larkin's Instagram posts saying farewell to Season 6 have been delightful. As noted above, he did indeed get his haircut once he got home. He also showed love to his horse Sleepy, who's been on the Outlander set since Season 1 once acting as Jamie's horse. As Heughan commented on Larkin's post, "My boy!!!!"

Jessica Reynolds — Malva Christie

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Newcomer Jessica Reynolds bid farewell to her "wee troubled soul" of a character Malva Christie — a more apt description there never was. Paul Donnelly also commented on Reynolds's post, "Amazing pal! Lovely to meet you and work with you x," so Ronnie Sinclair is a witness to some of the Christies' actions. As for the actor playing Malva's brother Allan, Alexander Vlahos seemingly departed from the set on May 20. Does that mean the conclusion of the Christie story won't occur until Season 7?! Well, Vlahos also tweeted he had been directed by Jamie Payne. According to the talent agency Independent Talent, Payne directed the seventh and eighth episodes of the season (h/t Outlander TV News), which are the last two of Season 6, so the Christie storyline should be wrapped up... *fingers crossed.*

Paul Donnelly — Ronnie Sinclair

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Paul Donnelly shared that he was at Buachaille Etive Mòr for filming the morning of June 3. (He posted he was in Ballachulish on June 1.) A Google search shows that this area of Glencoe is about two hours driving from Glasgow, where the sets of Outlander are. Hmm, what's he doing up there on location? Well, let's look at another actor's Instagram for clues...

Gary Lamont — Evan Lindsay

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Evan Lindsay actor Gary Lamont was also in the Highlands Thursday morning for filming. Perhaps Evan and Ronnie being out in nature together means Season 6 will feature the Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge? But since the battle probably doesn't require picturesque mountains, a better guess may be that the actors were filming an Ardsmuir flashback in the last days of Season 6.

Hugh Ross — Arch Bug

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Hugh Ross technically shared this on-set shot for World Outlander Day, but with this rare sight of Arch Bug, Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones), and Jamie being all smiley together, I had to capture it. This trio makes sense as people who are all hanging around Fraser's Ridge and the Big House together, but does it mean Arch will get his gold storyline?! Hey, since Doyle Kennedy's Jocasta is back, it's certainly possible.

Christiana Ebohon-Green — Director

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Based on director Christiana Ebohon-Green's social media, the last two episodes that were filmed were Episodes 4 and 5. (Again, Independent Talent's tweet indicated which episodes she helmed.) That means the last episodes filmed weren't the finale, which tracks based on the people on set. (But does that also mean Fergus and Marsali leave extremely early in the season?? Based on her social, it's possible that Lauren Lyle hasn't been on set since March 30!) Anyway, back to first-time Outlander director Ebohon-Green where on her Instagram, she provided some additional snaps from her trailer door. But sadly, they weren't too illuminating despite the sunny weather.

Outlander Season 6 will drop in early 2022 (February if Heughan's right). Until then, fans will need to rely on Starz or throwback Thursdays for more behind-the-scenes info.


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