How The Animals Of 'Outlander' Earned Their Place By Jamie & Claire's Side

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How The Animals Of 'Outlander' Earned Their Place By Jamie & Claire's Side

Outlander pays no mind to the adage, "Never work with children or animals" — particularly when it comes to animals. Besides animals being essential to the settler existence that Jamie and Claire have taken on in the American colonies, Jamie is an accomplished horse handler. Even though the animals of Outlander may not be as important as their speaking, human counterparts, they have served a purpose in Jamie and Claire's story beyond their furry adorableness.

Many of the animals featured in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books don't get the proper shoutout that they deserve, but some have managed to become scene stealers (here's looking at you, Adso). Here are the seven animals of Outlander that have made their mark on Jamie and Claire.

Donas The Horse

I don't believe his name is even uttered on screen, but book fans sure recognized Jamie's "demon" horse (that's what the name means) Donas in Season 1. There's even a Donas the Horse Twitter account with more than 11,000 followers.

Jamie's onscreen horse isn't as much of a menace as he is in the book and in an interview with The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Sam Heughan said that two horses played his black Friesian in Season 1 — Sleepy and Pinocchio. Fans still discuss which horse appeared when. Heughan inferred in Clanlands that he preferred Sleepy to Pinocchio, but he wrote that he parted ways with Sleepy once Jamie went to the New World. Pinocchio is still around though with Heughan writing that he's "occasionally dyed a different color to make him double for various equine friends, he's beautiful and he knows it."

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