The Lizzie & Beardsley Twins Actors On 'Outlander' Tease Their Relationship In Season 6

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The Lizzie & Beardsley Twins Actors On 'Outlander' Tease Their Relationship In Season 6

Lizzie on Outlander hasn't been hanging around Fraser's Ridge not to find love whether she's admiring Young Ian, the Beardsley twins, or even Lord John Grey. In a recent Instagram exchange, Caitlin O'Ryan seemed to confirm that Lizzie's romance in Outlander Season 6 will stick quite close to what happens in the books by Diana Gabaldon. That means fans better prepare for some identical twin action and a love story unlike any other on Outlander. Spoilers ahead for A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

On May 10, actor Paul Gorman (who plays both Josiah and Keziah Beardsley) shared a photo on Twitter and Instagram of him on the Outlander set as identical twin Josiah. The social media post didn't contain any new info about Season 6 since Gorman confirmed it was taken by Young Ian actor John Bell during the filming of the Season 5 finale. But O'Ryan did tease an upcoming Season 6 storyline in the comments on Instagram.

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She wrote, "Thank you for saying which twin you are because I wouldn't have a clue," with the upside-down smiley face emoji. Gorman jokingly replied, "Mate, we've been through this, Josiah's the one with the blue eyes."

Ahead of Season 6, production has been dropping some clues that Lizzie's storyline with the twins will follow what happens in Gabaldon's sixth book. Lizzie has all sorts of suitors in A Breath of Snow and Ashes. But eventually, she starts sleeping with Jo and Kezzie Beardsley. Originally, she doesn't even know that she's having sex with both of the identical twin brothers because she can't tell them apart. But once she realizes it, she accepts that she loves Jo and Kezzie. She becomes pregnant and none of the trio know who the father is. Lizzie goes on to get married to the brothers in separate ceremonies since it's not like anyone else on Fraser's Ridge is exactly a pro on figuring out which identical twin is which.

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