'Outlander' Season 4 Is Coming To Netflix In 2021

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'Outlander' Season 4 Is Coming To Netflix In 2021

You may have been spending the final days of 2020 watching Netflix's new period drama Bridgerton, but once you've finished that, there's good news for your 2021 streaming queue. Outlander Season 4 is coming to Netflix on Jan. 27, 2021.

The fourth season of the Starz series originally aired from Nov. 4, 2018 to Jan. 27, 2019, so the Netflix drop is fittingly happening exactly two years after the Season 4 finale premiered. As Jan. 27 is on a Wednesday in 2021, it also means fans don't have to wait until the weekend to get started on binging all 13 episodes.

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As Season 6 still hasn't entered production because of COVID-19 delays, rewatching Season 4 on Netflix will be a huge distraction during Droughtlander. Here are the biggest moments of Season 4 that will be available for your viewing pleasure starting Jan. 27. Spoilers for Outlander Season 4 ahead.

Claire & Jamie Settle In America

After a shipwreck leaving Jamaica, Jamie and Claire land on a mysterious shore at the end of Season 3. The location? Georgia in the American colonies. They don't stay in the Peach State for long, choosing to head up to North Carolina and put down roots at Fraser's Ridge.

Jamie's American Family

Jamie's aunt (the sister of Ellen, Dougal, and Colum) got a shoutout in Season 1's "The Wedding" and Season 2's "The Fox's Lair," but fans — and Claire — finally get to meet Jocasta in Season 4, as played by Maria Doyle Kennedy of The Tudors and Orphan Black. Jamie and Claire go to her plantation at River Run, but as Claire doesn't approve that she owns slaves, they choose to settle elsewhere. As for other family members, Jamie goes on an impromptu hunting trip with his secret illegitimate son William Ransom when Lord John Grey comes to visit.

More Time Traveling

The world of time travelers really expands in Season 4. After all, if Claire and Geillis can do it, why not others? Brianna travels to the past where she finally gets to meet her biological father. Unfortunately, she's the bearer of bad news since she came to warn her parents about their impending death in a house fire. (Still waiting on that fire... ) Roger MacKenzie — who is, after all, the distant ancestor of Geillis — follows his estranged girlfriend through time. Claire also encounters the ghost of Otter Tooth, another time traveler from the 1960s who came to warn the Native Americans that white people will decimate their people and way of life.

A New Villain

The Season 4 premiere's titles of "America the Beautiful" is a bit ironic since Jamie and Claire are reminded the hard way that evil is everywhere. After helping him avoid his fate at the gallows, Stephen Bonnet attacks their boat, kills their friend, and steals Claire's wedding ring. But Bonnet's reign of terror doesn't end there. Brianna comes across Bonnet and when she asks to buy her mother's wedding ring from him, he rapes her on the same night she and Roger were handfasted.

The Return Of An Old Friend

Not everyone in North Carolina is unfriendly since Jamie finds Murtagh working as a blacksmith in Woolam's Creek. OK, maybe he is a bit unfriendly at first since the "tough old coot" tries to rip off Young Ian. But Murtagh lightens up once he sees his godson for the first time since Ardsmuir Prison. Murtagh and Jamie's positions are reversed now as Murtagh is the one who is the outlaw as the leader of the rebellious Regulators that oppose the taxes from the British Crown. Despite leading an uprising, he still finds time for love with Aunt Jocasta.

A Major Misunderstanding

Far from being one happy family unit once Brianna and Roger make it to North Carolina in the past, the reunited Frasers get off to the rockiest of starts due to a case of mistaken identity. After their blowup on their handfasting night, Roger comes to find Brianna at Fraser's Ridge. But Bree's servant Lizzie misidentifies him as the man who raped Brianna in Wilmington. Jamie nearly beats him to death and Ian sells him to the Mohawk. (Roger may have been the worst this season, but he didn't deserve that.) Once Bree finds out what happened, her family goes on an adventure to save Roger.

A New Family Member

Brianna becomes pregnant — whether from her first time having sex on the night of her handfasting with Roger or from Bonnet's assault, she doesn't know. But she chooses to keep the baby. So when Claire, Jamie, and Young Ian go to New York to find Roger, Bree heads to River Run to safely give birth to her son and ward off suitors. The season ends with Jamie and Claire returning to meet their grandson... with Roger eventually showing up after he decides he wants to be with Bree and raise their son.

The Season 4 finale nicely set up the series for the events of Season 5. There's still no word on when Outlander Season 5 will come to Netflix (will fans have to wait until 2022?!), but let's celebrate the Outlander wins as they come.


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