‘Outlander’s Duncan Lacroix Reflects On 7 Memorable Murtagh Moments

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‘Outlander’s Duncan Lacroix Reflects On 7 Memorable Murtagh Moments

Warning: this articles contains spoilers for Outlander Seasons 1-5.

It's never easy when you're forced to say goodbye to one of your favorite characters in a book, and it's even worse when you have to say goodbye twice, when that character is then again killed off in the TV show adaptation. Outlander fans know this pain all too well, having witnessed Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser's demise in Diana Gabaldon's third book of the series, and then later, in Season 5 of the television show. Thankfully, though, actor Duncan Lacroix is willing and able to keep beloved Murtagh's memory alive.

Over the phone, Lacroix tells me he's languishing in rainy Glasgow, which seems like a very fitting mood and backdrop for a time-travel back to happier times when Murtagh was still on the show, delivering excellent one-liners and suspicious eyebrow raises.

The British Lacroix played the Scottish Highlander Murtagh for five seasons on the hit series before having to whisper his last dying line to Sam Heughan's Jamie, "Dinna be afraid, a bhalaich. It doesna hurt a bit to die." Even though we got 25 more years of Murtagh's life story in the show versus the book (where he died back in the Battle of Culloden), it still stung to see him go.

Now it's time we go back and pay homage to one of Outlander's greatest. Below, Lacroix reflects on the character's better days and some of Murtagh's most memorable Outlander moments.

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