Ranking The 'Outlander' Weddings On A 5 Point Scale

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Ranking The 'Outlander' Weddings On A 5 Point Scale

When thinking of Outlander weddings, one matrimony — and one matrimony only — may come to mind. But more couples than Jamie and Claire have had weddings on Outlander. Just in Season 5 alone we got two weddings with Brianna and Roger officially tying the knot and Aunt Jocasta marrying Duncan Innes (and breaking poor Murtagh's heart in the process). And because a good wedding doesn't necessarily mean a good marriage, whose Outlander wedding rules supreme?

Using the key components of modern-day weddings — venue, guest list, dress, ceremony, and (ahem) the wedding night sex — I've rated the weddings of Outlander to figure out which invite was the most sought after. Consider this the Four Weddings of Outlander. (Except I won't dock points for the chicken being dry.) Here's how the big days shook out.

Fergus & Marsali

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