Ranking The 'Outlander' Weddings On A 5 Point Scale

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Ranking The 'Outlander' Weddings On A 5 Point Scale

When thinking of Outlander weddings, one matrimony — and one matrimony only — may come to mind. But more couples than Jamie and Claire have had weddings on Outlander. Just in Season 5 alone we got two weddings with Brianna and Roger officially tying the knot and Aunt Jocasta marrying Duncan Innes (and breaking poor Murtagh's heart in the process). And because a good wedding doesn't necessarily mean a good marriage, whose Outlander wedding rules supreme?

Using the key components of modern-day weddings — venue, guest list, dress, ceremony, and (ahem) the wedding night sex — I've rated the weddings of Outlander to figure out which invite was the most sought after. Consider this the Four Weddings of Outlander. (Except I won't dock points for the chicken being dry.) Here's how the big days shook out.

Fergus & Marsali

The Venue: Fergus and Marsali had an unintentional destination wedding on the island of Saint-Domingue (today Haiti on the island of Hispaniola). While you'd think they would have gone for the beach backdrop with some sand between their toes (like they did in Voyager), they were stuck getting hitched near Father Fogden's hut. But there was still nice torch lighting for their open-air ceremony — a notably not stuffy event, fitting for Marsali and Fergus.

The Guest List: They sure weren't surrounded by their closest family and friends since beyond Jamie and Claire, the only people who could attend were the crew of the Artemis. But at least Marsali didn't view her stepfather's wife/new mother-in-law as the devil anymore!

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