Diana Gabaldon Names Her Favorite 'Outlander' Episodes From Season 5

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Diana Gabaldon Names Her Favorite 'Outlander' Episodes From Season 5

You rarely need a reason to rewatch Outlander, but I'm about to give you a good one. In a recent interview with The Dipp, Diana Gabaldon revealed her three favorite episodes from Outlander Season 5 (and no, the one she wrote humbly wasn't among them).

The three episodes that stood out to Gabaldon the most may surprise readers since two of them notably diverged from the events of Gabaldon's Outlander novels. But when you look at the Season 5 episode she wrote, "Journeycake," it helps put into perspective just how open she is to the adaptation taking liberties when needed.

Whenever you get to rewatching — whether it's on your own time or during Starz's marathon on Christmas day — here are Gabaldon's top three episodes from Outlander Season 5.

"The Ballad Of Roger Mac"

The first episode Gabaldon cites is Episode 507, "The Ballad of Roger Mac," which depicts the Battle of Alamance. She compliments how the show handled the "political background" of the Regulators with real-life historical figure Governor Tryon, but also says there were "two major elements" that differed from the source material.

"One of those was the decision to have Jamie forced to wear a redcoat to battle," she says. As Heughan has said in interviews, it was his idea for Jamie to wear the British uniform, but he did let the author in on his plan. When he told her about the red coat, she says she replied, "I mean, not that I could stop you. It'd be really interesting to see what you have in mind there."

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