Jamie’s Son William Is Bound To Make A Comeback On ‘Outlander’ Season 6

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Jamie’s Son William Is Bound To Make A Comeback On ‘Outlander’ Season 6

Since Willie's birth in Season 3's "Of Lost Things", each season of Outlander has reminded us that Jamie has another child besides Bree. While book readers know quite a bit about what ends up happening with Willie in Diana Gabaldon's novels, I decided to investigate what the show Outlander has told us about Willie and what it could mean for future seasons.

As it stands in Season 5, Willie does not know the identity of his real father. For a show that contains so much drama, it's honestly amazing that the truth about Willie's paternity hasn't come out yet. How do we get a hold of the 18th-century Maury Povich?

So here's everything we know about Jamie's secret son — and how it could end up mattering later on Outlander.

The Secret Of His Past

What Willie knows about his parentage is full of half-truths and straight-up lies. The only factual thing he knows is that his mother Geneva died after giving birth to him. From there, his adoptive mother and aunt, his adoptive father, and even his grandparents have lied to him, telling him the eighth Earl of Ellesmere was his father.

While his grandparents may not know who Willie's actual father is, his adoptive parents Lady Isobel and Lord John Grey both know it is Jamie, a.k.a. the former Helwater groom Alexander "Mac" MacKenzie. (Can we please get a The Secret World of Alex Mack crossover?) His family members also all know that Jamie was responsible for the death of the Earl of Ellesmere after Ransom tried to murder Willie as a baby.

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