Diana Gabaldon On The Casting Of The Christies In 'Outlander' Season 6 — They're "Exactly Right"

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Diana Gabaldon On The Casting Of The Christies In 'Outlander' Season 6 — They're "Exactly Right"

The Christie cavalcade is coming to Fraser's Ridge, and while Jamie and Claire may have mixed to very bad feelings about this, there is a silver lining to their arrival. In an interview with The Dipp, author Diana Gabaldon approved of the actors playing the Christies in Outlander next season. Now, that doesn't mean anyone — neither the woman who created them nor the audience — will approve of all that the Christies do in Season 6, but at least they have Gabaldon's blessing.

Sam Heughan had already teased that fellow Ardsmuir inmate Tom Christie and his daughter would be coming to the Ridge. But the recent Christie casting announcement revealed that Mark Lewis Jones, Jessica Reynolds, and Alexander Vlahos would be the ones behind the roles of Tom, Malva, and Allan Christie, respectively.

There may be other new characters that haven't been officially announced by the Starz team yet (people like Major MacDonald, Bobby Higgins, and Amy McCallum for instance?) but when discussing the new actors, Gabaldon says, "All of them I've seen have been really great." She calls out Lewis Jones and Reynolds in their roles of Tom and Malva in particular. "Those two actors are just exactly right for their parts and doing so well," she says. "And they have wonderful chemistry with Sam and Caitriona [Balfe]."

Although book readers know all about the many many predicaments that the Christies put Jamie and Claire through in A Breath of Snow and Ashes (even if you blocked a few out), Gabaldon can't confirm which storylines will make the cut for Season 6. (She also hasn't seen all of the scripts yet.) But she did refer to one small scene that she saw in the "dailies" (unedited footage) that will do a lot to establish the relationship between Claire, Jamie, and Tom.

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