The 'Outlander' & 'The Crown' Connections Continue With The Casting Of Tom Christie

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The 'Outlander' & 'The Crown' Connections Continue With The Casting Of Tom Christie

The U.S. may have freed ourselves of Great Britain's rule centuries ago, but the royals are just as pervasive as ever when it comes to American pop culture. Now, a former Crown cast member has gone and infiltrated the set of Outlander. This isn't the first time The Crown and Outlander have crossed over and it most likely won't be the last. But the newly-announced actor behind Tom Christie on Outlander once had the distinction of making Prince Charles on The Crown a figure to root for. And something so remarkable as that cannot go unnoticed.

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah, Prince Charles may not be everyone's favorite person (what else is new?). But in an episode of The Crown Season 3, Josh O'Connor's Prince Charles appeared quite likable — in large part thanks to a Welsh professor played by one of the newest Outlander cast members, Mark Lewis Jones. In "Tywysog Cymru," Jones played Edward Millward, a leader in the Welsh nationalist party, who begrudgingly tutored the Prince of Wales in the language of his title. Richard Rankin joked in Lewis's Outlander welcome video that the Welsh actor's Scottish accent is even better than his own native Scottish accent, so he's apparently got language skills.

As the above Outlander press photo indicates, Jones's character on the Starz series will be a bit more solemn than his Crown one. But just as Prince Charles won over Millward, there's a possibility that Tom Christie will win over Outlander viewers... though it will take far more time than the course of one episode. And if you're searching for parallels between Jones's Crown and Outlander characters (cause what else is there to do in Droughtlander?), they are both educators since Tom is the Ridge's schoolmaster. And let's just say that Millward's wife in "Tywysog Cymru" doesn't not look like 1960s Claire... hmm.

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