Meet The Christies In 'Outlander' Season 6 With These New Casting Announcements

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Meet The Christies In 'Outlander' Season 6 With These New Casting Announcements

Trouble is brewing with some new settlers making their way to Fraser's Ridge in Season 6. You guessed it, the Christies are officially coming to Outlander, and the troublesome threesome were introduced for the first time on the show's official Twitter and Instagram accounts on Friday. So let's get to know Tom, Malva, and Allan, shall we?

The Christies have been long awaited — and dreaded — by fans, including my colleague Caitlin Gallagher, due to the darker days they'll bring for Jamie and Claire, at least according to Diana Gabaldon's sixth Outlander book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. (Spoilers for Book 6 follow.)

So what's the skinny for non-book readers? Well, Tom Christie and Jamie knew each other from their shared time in Ardsmuir Prison, and let's just say, weren't the best of friends. So when Tom arrives in North Carolina with his son and daughter, a bit of lingering tension comes to a boil.

While some viewers worried that Marsali had taken on the role of Claire's sole medical apprentice in Season 5, with the arrival of Malva, rest assured that her interest in Claire's suturing and expertise won't go unnoticed. But that innocence and eagerness to learn is lost fairly quickly as the Christie family drama devolves into a spot of incest, murder, and pregnancy accusations. All in a day's work on Outlander.

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