Emily in Paris
Emily in Paris
7 Theories About ‘Emily In Paris’ If It's Renewed For A Season 2
Emily is the girl who went to Paris.
Tara Bitran
This Is What It’s Like To Style A Show Like ‘Emily In Paris’
There are a couple of things that jump out about Netflix’s Emily In Paris.
Lauren Caruso
Fact Checking 'Emily In Paris' By a Real-Life American In Paris
When the trailer for Netflix’s new romantic comedy Emily In Paris was released, I, and the rest of the real-life Americans in Paris, bristled.
Carita Rizzo
A Definitive Ranking Of Emily's Love Interests In 'Emily In Paris' 
Although Emily in Paris is very much about Emily Cooper's career and the trials and tribulations that come with bringing "the American perspective" to a French marketing firm, it wouldn't be a Darren Star show (he's the man who brought us Sex and…
Allison Piwowarski
The Love Triangle On 'Emily In Paris' Could Actually Be A Square
Thanks to how the Europeans count the floors in buildings, Emily Cooper meets her love interest, downstairs neighbor Gabriel, almost immediately into her Parisian adventures.
Allison Piwowarski
Here’s How Much Money Emily Spends In ‘Emily In Paris’
Remember when we all wondered how Carrie Bradshaw could afford that one-bedroom Upper East Side Apartment, and countless pairs of shoes, on a writer's salary? Well, Emily Cooper of Emily in Paris sees your Manolos, and raises you beaucoup Chanel.
Kate Ward
Visit The ‘Emily In Paris’ Filming Locations With One Click
Emily in Paris is a show about a young marketing executive from Chicago, played by Lily Collins, who has the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Paris for work, and — as we've all learned from past movies and TV shows — when Paris comes a calling…
Allison Piwowarski
Every Single Outfit Emily Wears In 'Emily In Paris'
Pray to the Patron Saint of Giant Chanel Flowers, and feel blessed this quarantine Friday that we have the release of Emily in Paris on Netflix to thank for our much-needed escapism.
Kate Ward
Wait, How Do We Know Randy Zimmer From ‘Emily In Paris’?
One of the equally most fun and infuriating games to play as a pop culture aficionado is, How Do I Know Him?
Kate Ward
Marketing Executives Weigh In About Emily’s Job In ‘Emily In Paris’
Anyone who watched Carrie Bradshaw sashay down the streets of the Upper East Side knows that Sex and the City is about 1) Friendship; 2) New York City; 3) Relationships; 4) Shoes; and, way down the list, 723) Post-Its; and, finally, 724) Work.
Kate Ward