Every Outfit Emily Wears In 'Emily In Paris' Season 2 — Photos

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Every Outfit Emily Wears In 'Emily In Paris' Season 2 — Photos

There's nothing ringarde about Emily's wardrobe. In Season 2 of Emily in Paris, the American marketing executive continues to take the City of Lights by storm with her bold prints, striking shades, and berets (although not as many as last season, sadly). This year she even adds a new accessory to her fashion repertoire: fingerless gloves, which were designed by the show's costume consultant, Patricia Field — and which you can purchase for the eye-watering price of $298.

But hey, it wouldn't be Emily in Paris if the fashion wasn't both bold and outrageously expensive. Interestingly, Emily does show signs of growth in terms of her outfit choices this season. It seems a bit of the Parisian style is beginning to rub off on her as she occasionally embraces neutral colors and more classic looks.

In fact, if Emily is channeling any fashion icon in Season 2, it's most definitely Audrey Hepburn. Whether she's bringing back headscarves or rocking a simple black and white dress, the exuberant American in Paris is bringing a touch of vintage style to the 21st century. But don't despair OG Emily fans, she's still madly in love with plaid, too.

Check out all 44 outfits Emily wears in Emily in Paris Season 2 below. (Warning: spoilers for each episode follow.)

Episode 1: "Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?"

Still reeling from her night of mind-blowing sex with Gabriel, Emily nearly runs into traffic in the season's opening moments, but hey, at least her running gear is fashion forward. From there, she mixes patterns like a pro while her romantic life continues to crumble around her.

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Outfit #4:

Outfit #5

Episode 2: "Do You Know The Way To St. Tropez?"

After being dumped by Mathieu, Emily takes St. Tropez by storm with Mindy and Camille. She also debuts her signature color for Season 2: purple.

Outfit #5, Part Deux

Outfit #6

Outfit #7

Outfit #8

Outfit #9

Episode 3: "Bon Anniversaire!"

It's Emily's 29th birthday, and she's ready to throw her first Parisian dinner party. Things take a turn when Camille discovers Gabriel's been... er, cooking eggs in Emily's kitchen, if you know what I mean. But at least Emily gets to wear a shirt that's actually just one giant bow to her birthday party.

Outfit #10

Outfit #11

Outfit #12

Outfit #13

Outfit #14

Episode 4: "Jules and Em"

Emily is so sad about her friend breakup with Camille that she resorts to wearing bucket hats again. Thankfully, a trip to see the classic French film Jules and Jim seems to shake her out of her fashion funk.

Outfit #15

Outfit #16

Outfit #17

Outfit #18

Outfit #19

Episode 5: "An Englishman in Paris"

There's a new man in Emily's life, and he seems to inspire her to channel her inner Hepburn. From her lacey blue shirt with a '50s-style plaid skirt to her stunning boat party ensemble, Emily looks like a classic Hollywood starlet as her romance with Alfie begins.

Outfit #20

Outfit #21

Outfit #22

Outfit #23

Outfit #24

Episode 6: "Boiling Point"

When Alfie tells their entire French class that Emily dresses silly and works too much, she's more than a little bothered. In fact, she's so bothered that she rides off on a $10,000 Dior Vespa to prove him wrong.

Outfit #25

Outfit #26

Outfit #27

Outfit #28

Episode 7: "The Cook, The Thief, Her Ghost, and His Lover"

Things are literally heating up in Paris as a heatwave hits the city. This leads to Emily wearing her most minimalist look of the season: Alfie's suit jacket over her bra and skirt.

Outfit #29

Outfit #30

Outfit #31

Outfit #32

Episode 8: "Champagne Problems"

Emily heads back to the scene of the crime to rub elbows with Camille's family (including her pal's underage brother who she slept with in Season 1), and things once again take a disastrous turn when Camille's dad slices off the tip of his finger during the filming of a Champere ad. As a result, an understandably distressed Emily spends almost the entire episode in the same sleeveless yellow dress.

Outfit #33

Outfit #34

Outfit #35

Outfit #36

Episode 9: "Scents & Sensibility"

Just as things are getting serious between Emily and Alfie, Em's American boss Madeline comes to town and shakes things up at Savoir. Then Madeline instantly endears herself to me by asking Emily what the hell she keeps in her micro-purses.

Outfit #37

Outfit #38

Outfit #39

Episode 10: "French Revolution"

It's decision time for Emily as she finds herself torn between Gabriel and Alfie, and Madeline and Sylvie. Just kidding, Emily doesn't actually make any decisions in the finale, but she does wear a pair of pink boots that look like they were sewn by actual fairies.

Outfit #40

Outfit #41

Outfit #42

Outfit #43

Outfit #44

May Season 3 bring Emily clarity in her love and work life, more Hepburn vibes, and an even more elaborate hat game.

Images: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix; Netflix

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