'Emily In Paris' Just Got A Possible New Love Interest That Is An A+ Upgrade

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'Emily In Paris' Just Got A Possible New Love Interest That Is An A+ Upgrade

Emily Cooper is barely capable of ordering herself food in Paris without asking for a condom, so making big love/life decisions, like deciding whether or not to go to St. Tropez with Mathieu or if she should tell Camille she slept with her boyfriend, is not necessarily her forte. And it's about to get a whole lot more complicated with the addition of a hot new love interest in Emily in Paris' Season 2.

On Monday, May 24, Netflix announced a few new cast shakeups for Emily in Paris Season 2, which is currently filming in France. William Abadie, aka Antoine, has officially been promoted to series regular, and new guest stars Jeremy O'Harris and Arnaud Binard were announced, but the big news is the addition of Lucien Laviscount, who is joining the show as a promising new man in Emily's life. And, frankly, I'm already convinced he's better than both Mathieu and Gabriel. And not just because he looks like this:

[rich Embed]

Laviscount will play Alfie, a Londoner living in Paris who, according to Entertainment Weekly, "refuses to immerse himself in French culture and instead prefers a pint at an English-speaking pub." He'll butt heads with Emily at first, but doesn't an enemies-to-lovers storyline just feel right for Season 2? Plus this romance would allow Emily to actually be the knowledgable one for once. She can teach him about the epic highs and lows of eating a pain au chocolat in the streets of Paris — you know, the stuff real Parisians do.

But more importantly, what makes Alfie frontrunner in this new love square — love pentagon, technically, if you include Camille — is that he's very much not Mathieu or Gabriel. At the end of Season 1, Emily was caught between her feelings for Gabriel, her very attractive, but very taken next door neighbor, and Mathieu, the older man who she also happens to work with. But I say, ditch them both and go for Alfie! As far as we know, he doesn't have a girlfriend who just so happens to be one of your only friends in Paris (Gabriel, you unavailable hottie). And he's also not a rich older man with a huge potential for power imbalance in the relationship. (Also, sorry to this man, but Mathieu and Emily have Z-E-R-O chemistry.)

Gabriel and Mathieu already have multiple strikes against them. Why not take Alfie, his British accent, and killer abs for a spin? Anyone that is this effortlessly gorgeous definitely deserves your time.

[rich Embed]

La vie est belle, Emily. Take advantage of it!


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