To party (nail) or not to party (nail)

Spring has sprung which means I can retire my normal winter dark nail polish choices at the salon and opt for more bright and springy options. I love this time of year because it allows you to have way more fun than usual (I’m basic and get the same dark color or red during the winter months.)

But now the question is… how do we all feel about the party nail. For those unfamiliar, the party nail is when one finger on each hand is painted a different color. (Usually the ring but not necessarily.) In the past this has made me cringe. It feels so dated and like the woman from the bath and body works YouTube candle video (deep cut but IYKYK). However now things have changed. Designs are so in and I thought it could be fun to do something different.

Do I dare to try out a party nail (or two) next time or does that trend just feel tacky?