vibe ~702~

yess i do have a thing for these sticks and eat them during lecture religiously

ugh a good yogurt is stuff i dream about

thanks! and the diet is mainly for cutting down my reliance on takis and boba like, everyday, it's pretty bad so i think my body is thanking me lol

HA this what my mom suggested, but to juice it instead

marina and the diamonds. she's just so versatile!

okay i......rly liked the FIRST divergent movie. yes, just the FIRST one. this is an important detail. I had a crush on theo james and agreed with the rest of the casting. the plot is the same as the book (only good when you don't think too hard about it)

lol i might be biased cuz im literally typing out this message wearing two party nails on each hand (glitter while the rest of my fingers painted solid pink, literally so basic but idk) - it's fun! i always do this when i have a nail color that i'm not sure i want on all my nails (i however do my nails myself though

this!!!! i used to have nightmares about my geometry glass. luckily i don't have to remember every version of finding the areas of different polygons

getting abducted via a stranger's van. actually, i still have that fear.

i'm looking at you the last duel...such a good movie but man did i have to go to the bathroom multiple times