vibe ~253~

Ok had they not used vodka and made it like some cheese thing I could see potential.. maybe.

Read several theories on ways he could come back... not sure if this is wishful thinking but still a chance it could be possible.

Desperate Housewives is SO underrated for this current generation, they truly don't make TV like that anymore

The Morning Show and Desperate Housewives

Second all of the Emily Henry and Taylor Jenkins Reid fans!! Malibu Rising by TJR is perfect for a beach read and Book Lovers, Emily's new release, is SO cute and good

Ok, Live and Let Die in Shrek 2 is iconic HA I can never not think of that song without thinking of that scene

Ok so I'm from the Northshore of Chicago and it's so interesting to me how weird they are about Chicago being the city used for RH, obviously a rumor but I've heard this been said before

I think there was a two year age difference between that, I was like two when they took me to Monsters Inc. lol! Yes, honestly one of my favorite Pixar movies!!

Really exposing how young I am here lol, the first movie I ever was taken to see in theaters was Monsters Inc., everything was fine and dandy until we went to the theater and there was a cutout of Randall. For some reason that put me into hysterics and we had to leave haha, my first actual movie in theaters became Lilo and Stich after that.