vibe ~227~

I simply don't understand the Sutton hype, especially after this premiere. Villain edit or not, she's so annoying to me lol

Could be something revealed after the reunion all airs... on how this season has gone, I wouldn't be surprised if something happened.

Oh for sure. If I had known that from the get-go it would have gone that route, I would have just gotten a new phone then and there. I now know never to go anywhere but the Apple Store if that happens again lol

When I was in college I drunkenly flipped off a couch and shattered my phone. I wish I was kidding. I brought it to this cheap phone repair place and went through a cycle of anytime it would drop the screen would go black (including one traumatic time at a football game where I had to leave and get it fixed and was anxiety-ridden for several hours HA). I probably shelled over $700 to this phone repair place before I just sucked it up and bought a new phone.

Convenience, my friend whose group I was in for pictures said he didn't have a date so I was like why not

Agree! I feel like if she takes the "Friend of" role, they will allow her to share her story but just not in an as amplified way as an actual RH

I feel like I tend to love the things people hate lol, sushi and pickles are probably two of my favorite foods!!

Literally some random guy I wasn't even friends with. Night was fab and I loved my dress and the pictures I got with my friends. After prom was super fun too so 10/10 weekend for sure

1 but I've also never had liver LOL

So I will say I went into this season with Jackie being my least favorite. I'm a Tre apologist, although she's really testing my loyalty to her right now. Jackie delivered a phenomenal season being so vulnerable, but I feel like she needs this next season to take a step back and focus on her ED and health.