Dissecting The 'AHS' "Death Valley" Trailer Like Eisenhower Dissects Those Aliens

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Dissecting The 'AHS' "Death Valley" Trailer Like Eisenhower Dissects Those Aliens

Well, the "Red Tide" part of American Horror Story: Double Feature went out to sea (or rather, Los Angeles) with the finale on Sept. 22. If you weren't satisfied with the "Red Tide" ending, I don't blame you. But at least you've got the trailer for Part 2 of American Horror Story: Double Feature to distract you.

The four-episode "Death Valley" will premiere on Sept. 29. Despite the sirens tonguing aliens campaign, the whole sea creature part of "Red Tide" turned out to be a bust. But aliens truly do appear to be at the center of this next story.

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When it comes to the non-alien characters, Leslie Grossman, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, and Angelica Ross are the only four AHS actors confirmed to be in both parts of Double Feature. They'll be joined by Rebecca Dayan (Halston), Cody Fern (AHS), Kaia Gerber (Stories), Nico Greetham (The Prom, Stories), Rachel Hilson, and Neal McDonough in "Death Valley."

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There's been two previews dropped — the one featuring both "Red Tide" and "Death Valley" and the latest "Death Valley" one that followed the "Red Tide" finale. Let's perform some dissections on both trailers to figure out what "Death Valley" could be all about.

Mr. President

Most of the details around "Death Valley" are speculative. But Deadline confirmed that the "Mr. President" in question from the trailer is Dwight D. Eisenhower, played by Neal McDonough. Eisenhower served as American president from 1953 to 1961 and in the trailers, he's being called to the desert to investigate something. As CBS reported, Area 51 was created during Eisenhower's presidency as a secure location to work on a surveillance plane to use against Russia during the Cold War. But, of course, Area 51 is often more associated with aliens than a U.S. Air Force outpost. And so it looks like Eisenhower is being called to this remote base in the Nevada desert.

Also in the trailer is Sarah Paulson's Mamie Eisenhower, the president's wife. She appears levitating before her husband, so suffice to say, she might get body-snatched by an alien while they're staying away from the White House.

The Aliens' Plans

The woman in the white dress, who has seemingly been taken over by the aliens, says in the Parts 1 and 2 trailer, "Time is running out for both our people. We need to create something better — part human, part us." She's standing in front of a map and speaking to some 1950s-looking men in suits. Is this the aliens negotiating with President Eisenhower's cabinet on how to keep the peace? By creating alien-human hybrids? Something tells me this won't end up being a very peaceful solution.

The Aliens' Powers

These aliens look like stereotypical aliens and they seem to be engaging in some stereotypical alien behavior, like:

  • They abduct people and things (like cars and toy firetrucks) with their spaceship shining a bright, white circle and beaming them up.
  • They body-snatch by taking over human bodies and placing them back on Earth.
  • They can levitate.
  • They don't have any genitalia and they fling gunk onto people's faces while they're doing procedures on them.
  • They can cut things, like cows, in half with exact precision.

Ah, classic alien stuff.

Amelia Earhart

There were rumors that Lily Rabe would play famous aviator Amelia Earhart and the trailer does seem to prove that. Earhart went missing in 1937, never to be found. But in "Death Valley," it looks like she was discovered in the desert 20 or so years later with strange crop circle markings on her back. That's probably why Eisenhower is called to Area 51.

There's a shot of a government employee wearing a HAZMAT suit going through debris that looks like it could be from a plane. So, with Rabe's 1930s hair, "Death Valley" may be suggesting that Earhart and her plane were abducted by aliens in 1937 and then dropped in this desert decades later as if no time had passed. If these aliens are connected to the ones from Asylum, that would make sense since Grace said time worked differently with the aliens and she felt she had been in space for 100 years.

In another scene, Rabe's Earhart is on an operating table with the nurses and doctors bloody and dead on the ground around her. Probably, the government wanted to experiment on Earhart to figure out where she had gone and the alien inside her put a stop to that.

Marilyn Monroe

Another famous figure who looks like they may get the alien treatment is Marilyn Monroe. There's been lots of rumors about Marilyn Monroe being featured this season, but the above image does seem to confirm it. The fan account AHS Zone wrote that Alisha Soper (who played Monroe in Feud) will allegedly play the part. Monroe is shown in bed with somebody (husband Joe DiMaggio?).

In a different scene, she's being attacked in bed — no, not by aliens but by men in suits. So maybe the rumors that Monroe's story will take place in the 1960s with John F. Kennedy are true and this is the Secret Service coming for in the night. Or... are the Secret Service now human-alien hybrids?


The synopsis for the first episode, "Take Me To Your Leader," says, "A group of college students on a camping trip are swept up in a horrifying and deadly conspiracy decades in the making." Anything in color (versus black and white) is from this modern-day camping trip with Gerber and friends. They find a bunch of cows slaughtered and cut in half in the desert and possibly, get abducted themselves while driving at night.

According to the above photo with Gerber's character being held down by a suit while he points an instrument with a green light at her throat, it looks like the government may bring these friends in after their encounter with the extraterrestrials. So who's the real villain — the aliens of the U.S. government?

Connection To "Red Tide"

Ursula from "Red Tide" herself, Grossman, confirmed to ET that there "are threads" between the two Double Feature parts. With Ross in "Death Valley," maybe the Chemist will continue doing government experiments with her pills in Area 51 during the present-day timeline. That tracks with the ending of "Red Tide" where the Chemist "moves onto another place" from Los Angeles with Baby Eli "to create another drug." That new place they land could very well be "Death Valley."


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