The Aliens In 'American Horror Story: Double Feature' Could Be Related To The Kit-Loving Aliens Of 'Asylum'

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The Aliens In 'American Horror Story: Double Feature' Could Be Related To The Kit-Loving Aliens Of 'Asylum'

If you've recovered from the terrible imagery of aliens and sea monsters hooking up in the American Horror Story: Double Feature trailer, it's time to process what the aliens in American Horror Story Season 10 could mean. Although the sea creatures (vampires? sirens? mermaids?) are new to the AHS canon, Season 2 introduced aliens in Asylum. And since Ryan Murphy and company don't like to waste some good IP, there's a chance the Asylum aliens will be linked to the aliens in Double Feature when it premieres on Aug. 25.

In Asylum, Kit Walker (Evan Peters) claims his wife Alma was abducted by aliens. (In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, AHS producer Tim Minear discussed how the Asylum aliens were partially inspired by Barney and Betty Hill, a biracial couple who claimed they were abducted by aliens in N.H., in 1961.) No one believes his story and thinks Kit murdered and skinned Alma as the serial killer Bloody Face. While Alma is gone, Kit experiences flashes of being experimented upon by long-fingered extraterrestrials in a white light.

When he arrives at Briarcliff Manor, Dr. Arden pulls out a microchip out of Kit's neck. Dr. Arden believed this was some high-tech surveillance since this chip has six legs and is drawn to Kit. But it seems the aliens — not the USSR or Germany — had implanted this "micro-bot" into Kit's neck. In "I Am Anne Frank Part 1," Dr. Arden has lost the micro-bot and assumes it has crawled back into Kit.

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