4 Theories About Aliens On 'AHS: Double Feature' & How They May Connect To 'Asylum'

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4 Theories About Aliens On 'AHS: Double Feature' & How They May Connect To 'Asylum'

American Horror Story has tested out pretty much every spooky trope available, from vampires (who could forget Lady Gaga's Golden Globe-winning turn as The Countess in AHS: Hotel?) to cannibals. Yet when it comes to aliens, American Horror Story the has really only scratched the surface — until now, that is.

American Horror Story's 10th season, Double Feature, debuts on August 25, and already the show's promotional materials are all about extraterrestrial life. As is fitting with this bisected season, the new promos for Double Feature depict two separate creatures, likely hinting that there will be different monsters for each half of the season. There's a sharp-toothed siren creature, and then a more traditional-looking "alien."

Exactly when these aliens will come into play remains unseen — yet it's likely they won't really come into play until the back half of the season. Double Feature is broken up into two separate parts. The first is titled Red Tide, which takes place by the sea, and the second is called Death Valley, which takes place "by the sand." Given that the sea sirens are more likely to be a part of Red Tide, and the promos feature the aliens surrounded by sand, it seems fitting that Death Valley will be much more extraterrestrial focused.

As always, American Horror Story is notoriously cryptic in its promotional materials — which just leaves us with plenty of room to speculate about the aliens' role in the new series. Here are a few theories as to how aliens may find their way into AHS.

The Aliens are Connected to the Ones From Asylum

American Horror Story: Asylum, featured a major alien subplot, but in this season, the aliens weren't the enemy. Though they did technically abduct people, they also kept others safe from the actually evil humans in Briarcliff Manor. In fact, at the end of Asylum, fans learned that the babies born with alien DNA went on to become wildly successful and productive members of society.

Since all seasons of American Horror Story are confirmed to exist within the same world (yes, despite the fact that there are plenty of recurring actors who play different roles across the many installments) it's possible that the aliens who exist in Double Feature are the very same noble aliens from Asylum. Perhaps the aliens do try to help humans, but, because human beings are always the real monsters on AHS, the other characters don't quite see it that way and cause them harm from their lack of understanding. Sad if true!

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The Aliens Created the Sirens

It's unclear how Red Tide and Death Valley will connect to one another, but what if the uniting thread has to do with how one monster was created by the other? For example, it's possible that the aliens are the ones who created the sea monsters we've seen alongside them in the promos. Perhaps these sea creatures are just failed human experiments conducted by the aliens...or, more simply, maybe the sea creatures are the results of humans breeding with aliens. The interspecies mingling isn't exactly new on AHS.

JFK and Marilyn Monroe Are Involved

Though it hasn't been confirmed, the spoiler account @AHSZone teased that Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy will be a part of the new season. Some fans speculate that the reason for their involvement has to do with aliens, and that, as President, JFK was well aware of life on other planets.

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It's possible that American Horror Story, which is famous for rewriting history with a supernatural twist, will tie Monroe and JFK's tragic end into the alien plot line...but exactly how remains to be seen.

Amelia Earhart Gets Abducted By Aliens

According to a post from an American Horror Story fan site, Lily Rabe, who we know will play a pregnant mother in Red Tide from the trailer, will return to the second half of the season as Amelia Earhart, the aviator who went missing in 1937. While the rumors are thus far just that — we have no idea if Rabe will really portray Earhart — should this casting speculation be the real deal, it's easy to see how aliens could fit into Earhart's story. Did her plane really crash into the ocean during that fateful journey, as long suspected...or was she abducted by aliens?!?

Stay tuned: American Horror Story returns on August 25 to hopefully answer all our burning extraterrestrial questions.

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