Is Murder House Really Gone? The 'American Horror Stories' Finale May Be The End Of An Era

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Is Murder House Really Gone? The 'American Horror Stories' Finale May Be The End Of An Era

Spoilers ahead for American Horror Stories "Game Over."

It's the end of an American Horror Story era... or is it? In the American Horror Stories Season 1 finale, "Game Over," it seemed that Murder House burned down. But, at the end of the episode, it turned out the whole burning down the house thing was only a part of the Escape from Murder House video game. Now, when the video game portion of the story began wasn't always clear in American Horror Stories' "Game Over," so you'd be forgiven for thinking that the house had been destroyed in the "real" world. But, even if this Los Angeles house full of murderous ghosts still stands and doesn't have million-dollar condos in its place, "Game Over" felt like Murder House's swan song.

Murder House was the inaugural season of AHS and it made an epic comeback in Apocalypse. With Stories, it clearly still holds a dear and deadly place in creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's hearts... arguably, too dear with three out of the seven Season 1 episodes using the house as its setting. But with the meta-filled finale written by Falchuk and Murphy, they could be saying goodbye. If not to all of the ghost characters, to the setting at least.

"I think I've spent enough time in the Murder House," Rory tells his video game creator mom at the end of the episode. And with that line, it feels like the AHS creators were speaking for themselves. That, even if 1120 Westchester Place wasn't burned down and still stands, it will no longer appear in the AHS universe. After all, if this isn't the end of this location, then why bring back a fave like Jamie Brewer's Addie Langdon? Or Dylan McDermott's Dr. Ben Harmon and his sad jerk-off tears? Both Brewer and McDermott have worked with Murphy after Season 1 of AHS, but these actors could've returned to give the house a proper farewell.

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