The Best Outfits From The ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Weddings

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The Best Outfits From The ‘90 Day Fiancé’ Weddings

At most weddings, all eyes are on the bride — but such is not always the case on 90 Day Fiancé. The fact that the main reality TV cast is full of colorful characters means that sometimes their friends and family can be even more out there, and that was true of Season 8 on TLC. While there’s plenty to be said about the actual couples’ white gowns and tuxes (especially Rebecca’s Hail Mary decision to save her dress by throwing a corset on over it), there were a few other outfits at the 90 Day weddings that caught my eye.

At Rebecca’s wedding to Zied, her son-in-law took dressing down to a new level

Throughout the season, Rebecca’s daughter Tiffany and Tiffany’s fiancé Micah have been there for her, and they’ve understood how serious the stakes were when she decided to give marriage another try. However, Micah seemingly did not understand the seriousness of a dress code for a wedding. While Rebecca freaked out over her too small gown and Zied’s inability to try on a pair of pants at Target before the big day came, Micah sat back, kicked his feet up, and seemingly chose clothes out of his closet at random.

I’m not saying he looks bad. After all, it’s hard to go wrong with a flannel button down and a pair of jeans. But he does look a little, well, underdressed for the occasion. On the other hand, his buddy Clay was wearing pretty much the same get up, and they looked like twins bookending Rebecca as they walked her down the aisle — so is this actually what the bride asked of them?

Was she adding a little realistic Southern charm to her fairytale set up? Were their casual baseball caps and sunglasses meant to offset the magic of the horse-drawn carriage? Or was their role in the ceremony a least minute addition and this was just what they had on hand? Based on Micah’s completely unsure answer when asked who he was to give away the bride, I’m gonna go with the latter… but the idea of the former is pretty funny, too.

At Tarik’s wedding to Hazel, his brother looked like the ultimate cool cat

Normally wearing white to a wedding is a big no-no, but based on Tarik’s all white suit (and I thank god that it was not powder blue) and Angela’s white-but-floral-print officiant dress, I am going to go ahead and give the groom’s brother Dwain a pass on his color scheme. I’m also going to go ahead and give him a pass on wearing nothing fancier than a baggy white T-shirt based purely on the fact that he actually looks so good.

Dwain also drove over 2,000 miles so that he could make it to the ceremony, so if you ask me, he could show up in all white morph suit and still be the VIP of the day. With Tarik’s other brother Dean on bad terms with him and his mom staying home to protect herself amid the pandemic, Dwain was the only family member (other than Auri) who could make the trek, and so if he wants to do it in a T-shirt, he totally Can. But let’s not discount the fact that he actually looks so nice in his khakis and with his necklace. Clearly, this is a man who can wear just about anything, but he made a plain ensemble look like he was dressed to the nines.

Considering how important fashion is to Tarik (and there’s no denying that he’s got a strong sense of style, even if you don’t appreciate it yourself), I was glad to see a strong showing from his family. It’s clear they’ve got good genes — and at least Dwain wasn’t wearing literal jeans like Micah.

It would be easy to say Elvis stole the show at Yara and Jovi’s wedding

After all, he’s Elvis. Well, an Elvis impersonator at least. That gig comes with wearing a rhinestone jumpsuit that’s open to practically your navel, and when he threw in the trademark shades, well-coiffed hair, and scarf, fake-Elvis was killing it. But while I appreciated the fun of it all (and so did Yara after a whole season of expressing her disappointments in all things America), there was actually another ensemble that thrilled me at this event.

This mysterious biker man was the one who truly caught my eye

We didn’t get an introduction to him on camera so it’s not clear exactly who he is to Jovi’s family and friends, but from the second that I spied him in the back of the chapel as Yara exchanged vows with her groom, I was craning my neck to get a better look. He was never quite featured prominently on camera, which is fair since he didn’t have a big role in the ceremony, but I did get a couple glimpses of just what made up his outfit.

His leather jacket and bandana made it look like he’d just hopped off his motorcycle after riding it down the strip. While all of the other guests were dressing up in normal wedding wear, I couldn’t help but question if this was his fancy leather jacket or his every day duds. Does he have a more casual bandana that he left at home? Is he wearing all black as a nod to traditional black tie affairs? I have no idea, but I’m obsessed.

Uncle Beau stayed perfectly on brand for Mike and Natalie’s big day

Uncle Beau has always had what you might call a unique sense of style, but believe it or not, Natalie’s actually a huge fan. Remember when she first met him in person while out to dinner with her fiancée and his relative and she told him just how much she loved his outfit? It seems he kept that in mind when deciding what to wear for the intimate ceremony held on Mike’s property. As the couple decided the wedding was back on at the very last possible minute, he threw a little something together to help them celebrate.

Again, wearing white might be something of a faux pas in some circles, but even that doesn’t compare to showing up in a tank to a wedding. Then again, is this not a look? His white tank top, white pants, and black belt are actually kind of a vibe, especially when paired with all of his necklace accessories. Combine that with the fact that he both howled in excitement when Mike and Natalie finally kissed and then proceeded to shed a few tears and it’s clear he wanted to help these two celebrate, not steal the spotlight.

But it wouldn’t be an Uncle Beau look without a bandana, of course, and so he threw one on when the ~formal~ portion of the day was done. You know, just in case you thought his outfit needed a patriotic pop of color. I salute you, Uncle Beau.

And I just want to give a quick honorary mention to Julia herself

This article isn’t about the bridal gowns so much as the surprising style moments that popped up at each ceremony, but everyone at Brandon and Julia’s wedding was dressed pretty appropriately. Of course, “everyone” means exactly three people — Brandon’s parents and his grandfather — but there was still one moment that made me say, “Hold up, huh?”

There’s plenty to be said about Julia’s skater-style dress and how short it is, but what really fascinated me was the reveal that she actually paired her knee-length gown with what appears to be socks and sneakers. She looked like she’d seen the poster for the 1999 Julia Roberts movie Runaway Bride at a formative age, decided that was the look she wanted to rock at her wedding one day, and never changed her mind.

She looked ready to sprint out of that church at any moment if she needed to — but instead she used her sneakers to walk out proudly with her head held high and her arms around her husband. After this couple set off a slew of red flags in the Season 8 premiere, I wasn’t sure we’d see them get to this point, but Julia isn’t ready to just walk off into the sunset, she’s ready to run.


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