Ranking The '90 Day' Stars Based On Wedding Red Flags

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Ranking The '90 Day' Stars Based On Wedding Red Flags

With the finale just around the corner, all of the 90 Day couples are preparing for their weddings, but not everyone seems like they’re looking forward to that long walk down the aisle. In fact, several of the romances are currently hitting the rocks — and some seem done for good. But while Stephanie and Ryan are over (and Amira and Andrew are operating on their own timeline with all of this Serbia stuff), the other 90 Day Fiancé stars are trying on wedding dresses, booking churches, and exchanging rings.

But who is actually ready to take that next step? The reality show has always been full of red flags — but some of the TLC personalities are sending up more distress signals than others.

#14: Ryan

When it comes to his willingness to walk down the aisle, Ryan is exactly 0% of the way there, but, hey, at least he’s not making any plans. We haven’t even seen him since he left Stephanie in the dust during the February 28 episode, but at least he was never on board the wedding planning train. While he technically went along with that whole “engaged” thing in order to fill out the visa paperwork, he never even proposed to his would-be fiancé.

Red Flag Rating: Not even on the board.

#13: Stephanie

To that note, Stephanie ranks only slightly ahead of Ryan. There is no doubt in my mind that she is chomping at the bit to say yes to a proposal and even tie the knot, but the fact that she’s so willing to swap out Ryan for his cousin Harris (even if she keeps mixing up their names) shows that she’s not actually thinking about this whole thing in a serious way. She may have brought her mom’s ring with her down to Belize, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing it on her finger before the season ends.

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