A Complete List Of Everything Yara Has Complained About On '90 Day' Since Stepping Foot In America

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A Complete List Of Everything Yara Has Complained About On '90 Day' Since Stepping Foot In America

Most American stars of 90 Day Fiancé can’t stop gushing about how excited they are to give their partners a “better” life in America — and Season 8’s Jovi is no different. Ever since he introduced himself to the audience in the first episode of 90 Day Season 8, he’s been talking about how his fiancé, Yara, will be leaving behind her life in Ukraine for the States. While he admitted that he doesn’t like to live large in exactly the same ways that his future wife does (though he seems to splash out plenty when it comes to vacations), he hoped that his fancy new apartment would be up to her expectations. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t.

From the second she stepped off the plane, the reality star has been less than pleased with what life with Jovi actually looks like. And when she told him in the second episode that she might be better off just going home instead of living on what she called the stinky streets of New Orleans, I knew these two were in for a rude awakening. However, even I couldn’t have predicted just how much Yara would take issue with — so I decided to go back through the footage and breakdown every single thing Yara has complained about since she first hopped off her 30-hour flight.

1. Jovi crowded her at the bottom of the escalator

When she first arrived, her man was so excited to see her that he tried to wrap her up in his arms the second they were both on level ground, but Yara clearly felt a little crowded by the move. “Jovi, can you just step away? Why don’t you stop somewhere?” she asked, physically pushing him back a step before she hugged him.

2. She was too tired after her flight

When a producer asked both halves of the couple how they felt — presumably meaning how they felt about being reunited — Jovi answered that he felt pretty good. Yara, well, didn’t. She instead said that she only felt “tired” after spending 30 hours travelling. “I feel tired. I feel tired. I don’t feel excited,” she said. “I just feel tired. That’s how I feel. That’s all.”

3. Her flight was so long because Jovi cheaped out

She blamed her man for that. “Why is [it] such a long flight?” she asked both him and producers. “Is the flight so long because Jovi is economic? He loves to keep his money. … He thinks that he is smart. I think different, but that’s OK.”

4. He was too rough with her stuff

When he lifted her luggage off the baggage carousel, she warned him to be more careful with her things. “Don’t broke my bags,” she said when he set one down and it almost tipped over. “That one I will need it after.”

5. His body isn’t as good as it used to be

OK, so Yara wasn’t exactly complaining this time, but it was such a drag that I can’t help but include it. When producers asked her what she loves about Jovi, she answered at first that she didn’t know. After racking her brain, she finally came up with something. “I mean, he have a good body,” she said. “Not now. Before.”

6. She only wanted to shower and sleep, not go out

In the airport, Jovi broke the news that he had a big night out on Bourbon Street planned for them so they could hit up the bars with a bunch of his friends, introducing her both to his circle and to their cool new New Orleans home. However, that wasn’t exactly what she was hoping to hear after her (once more) 30-hour flight.

After telling him in the airport that all she wanted to do was get clean and go to bed, she told him once more by their car that she wasn’t feeling up to an evening out — and even pretending to stomp on one of his feet to get her point across. “When I was flying to America, I was thinking nothing can be easy,” she said. “Because with Jovi usually nothing is easy, and nothing is perfect.” That’s certainly an inauspicious start to a relationship.

7. He was too rough with her stuff (again)

When they got back to their new apartment in episode two, Jovi was eager to unload the bags from the car. Despite Yara’s previous warning, he was slinging them out onto the ground as fast as he could — and he haphazardly sent one flying into his fiancé’s shin, causing her to cry out. “Can you be more careful?” she scolded.

8. The apartment he found was not up to snuff

After he helped bring her things up to their place, he was excited to show her in. He bragged earlier in the episode that he found somewhere in the best, cleanest, most nicest part of the city, but all Yara had to say was, “This is bedroom? Why so small? … This is just like for me living alone here.” She also wasn’t impressed by the broken coffee table he had in the middle of the living room (although, to be fair, who would be?). “What the fuck is that?” she asked.

9. He didn’t even bother cleaning the apartment

The actual facilities aside, she was also frustrated with the state of the place, broken coffee table and all. “It’s supposed to be clean in here at least,” she said. When he said he’s been trying, she asked trying what. “You tell me you’ve prepared so much,” she reminded him.

10. He gave her champagne in a plastic glass

He was trying to do a romantic toast moment (he also had a plate of chocolate covered strawberries prepared on the counter), but Yara was distracted by the disposable “champagne flutes” he picked up. “This is plastic glass?” she asked, laughing. At least after she had taken a few sips she was able to chill out and have a little self-awareness about her situation. “I don’t want to be so much complaining, but — It’s OK,” she said, cutting herself off. “I mean, like, if here is changing, it will be better, but now is like I don’t like it so much.”

11. Her fiancé has bad taste

In a confessional, she continued that the apartment was pretty much what she was expecting but only because she already knows that Jovi has “bad taste.” She insisted that once she changes, it will be more to her standards.

12. She had to fly for 30 hours

Did you guys know that Yara had to fly for 30 hours? I hadn’t heard that, but it sounds like Yara had to fly for 30 hours to get from Kyiv, Ukraine to New Orleans, Louisiana. Wow, that sounds rough! Jeeze! The totally new, original conversation topic came up when Jovi asked the blonde beauty if she was ready for her night out. Despite the fact that she had already shut him down twice now (once inside of the airport and once as they got in their car), she reminded him again that she simply wasn’t up for it.

“Do you understand that I am flying for 30 hours?” she said, definitely not repeating herself for what already feels like the fourteenth time. “Especially after [I had] a pill, so I have been sleeping and I am not feeling good to go out today, really.”

13. Jovi wanted to spend time with his friends, not her

When her fiancée admitted that he was mad about their drinking disagreement, she accused him of only wanting to spend the night with his buddies instead of cuddling up with her at home. He saw it differently — he had planned a night for her to get to know his pals, the only other people she would know after moving to a new country — but then he went and said that he wanted to “drink and have fun.”

“Are you serious now?” she asked in disbelief. “You don’t want to spend first night with me? You want to go just out?” When he finally agreed to stay in, she went and put her PJs on, but Jovi was still drinking in the living room by the time she came to fetch him for bed. “Can we just go to sleep already?” she whined.

14. She can’t cohabitate with his disgusting shorts

The next morning, Yara was unpacking her clothes in her closet in the bedroom (which, despite being tiny, had two closets — one for each of them), when she called Jovi into the room so that she could berate him a little bit more. “Know what? I need to put my clothes. Where should I think these things?” she asked, waving a hanger around in a vaguely threatening way. Walking over to his closet, she pointed out some of his clothes. “And why your disgusting old short, like this ones… I cannot live in dirty space like this.”

He tried to get her to stop complaining so they could go out for the day, but she insisted that there wouldn’t be much worse than coming home to a dirty apartment and having to unpack her bags. To be fair, she’s got a point, but her attitude was way off base. In a confessional, she continued to rant about just wanting to unpack at her “cool” new apartment (and, for the record, that quote is not to represent the fact that she actually called it cool but instead to denote her sarcastic air quotes around the word).

15. Her man hogged all the hangers

But the real problem with the shorts, apparently, is that they were taking up all of the hanger space and Yara didn’t have enough of her own. “You will need to go and buy these things if you don’t want to give me,” she told Jovi. He countered that they can “maybe” buy them if she can learn how to say them. After a few practice rounds, she felt up to the task. “I need hanger,” she demanded.

16. Bourbon Street smells

While the famed New Orleans area is a college kids’ dream, Yara was unimpressed by Bourbon Street. As soon as they got there, she remarked that it “smells bad” — like horse shit. “I don’t even know how people go there,” she doubled down in a confessional. “For my European mentality, it’s just too much there. It just smells like pee and throwing up. It’s so terrible.”

As they continued to stroll around the area (but at least with a cocktail in hand), she called the whole place “disgusting.” She shared that she wasn’t picturing America as some golden place straight out of her “sweet dreams,” but was surprised to discover that she thinks Ukraine looks better. “I mean, like, it’s more maybe poor, but it’s look better,” she shared.

17. She’s not comfortable sleeping at his mom’s house

Once they were done with their walk, Jovi let his lady know their plans for the evening included visiting his mom and meeting some of his family. He figured they’d stay the night so they wouldn’t have to make the trek there and back — but Yara wasn’t feeling that, despite how much she seems to detest a long day of travel. “Why did I need to sleep in your mom home?” she asked. “I don’t need to sleep with her in the house. No. I don’t sleep there.”

No matter how much Jovi pushed the issue, she refused to budge, even telling him that his idea of staying over was “stupid.” In a confessional, she explained, “I don’t like to sleep in somebody’s home, so if I don’t like to do something, why should I do that? I never do something which I don’t like to do. That’s all.”

Speaking to her man directly, she continued, “Jovi, I just don’t like to stay in somebody’s home.” When he let her know that she “didn’t have a choice,” she fired back that she very much did have a choice because he was welcome to go alone. “Your ways is over, and door is always open,” she warned him. “And I always can go back to Ukraine.”

18. He said that America is better than Ukraine

And that set off a whole new argument. “You want to say America is the best country in the world, or what?” she challenged. “You can’t even… In which way is [it] better? Please. Don’t say that shit.

19. Jovi never considers her comfort

Eventually, the conversation circled back around to the night at his mom’s house. She agreed to come — but she put her foot down once again on an overnight visit. “I don’t want to sleep there because it is not comfortable for me,” she told him. “And you should thinks which is about for me, which is comfy for me and which is not. I’m done with this… With talking about this.”


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