There's More To Raquel Leviss' Adoption Story

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There's More To Raquel Leviss' Adoption Story

On Episode 4 of Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules, we learn a little bit more about Raquel Leviss. Which, great! We love learning new things. Actually, in Tuesday's episode, I learned sevearl new things, like, a Tiffany diamond is different from a Tiffany's diamond ring, that Rachella cost $25,000 (I was way off), and that Raquel was adopted.

I also learned that Brock Davies has a mug with the photo of his two estranged children on it and that Lisa Vanderpump is airbrushed into oblivion in post-production (right??) but that's neither here nor there. The thing that really struck me was the way that Raquel described her family. At first pass, I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Who adopted who what when where?

I figured it out, though:

Susan is Raquel and Kate's biological mother.

Susan had Kate.

Susan got "accidentally pregnant" with Raquel.

Susan's little sister Laura was trying to conceive, but couldn't.

Susan said she'd carry Raquel, and that Aunt Laura could adopt Raquel.

Raquel explains: "I was adopted at birth. My biological mom, Susan, gave birth to Kate before me. And then Susan accidentally got pregnant again. Right around that time, my Aunt Laura was trying to conceive. Susan was generous enough to offer to have me for my aunt."

Laura is Susan's little sister, Raquel confirmed on Instagram on Friday, Oct 22.. But then, the real mystery begins, because Raquel has other siblings, too.

We know from Raquel's chat with Danny Pellegrino on Everything Iconic, that Raquel doesn't refer to Kate as a sister, which makes me believe that Kate was raised by Susan, and not Laura. Kate and Raquel do not have the same biological father – Raquel confirms Kate is a "biological half-sister" in her Instagram caption.

On Tuesday's VPR, Raquel explains, "Kate and I weren't always close. We didn't have a lot in common... But Kate kinda has stepped into my life a little bit more and she wants to be that big sister role to me."

Raquel also has a half-brother David (which she doesn't qualify as biological). He too was raised by Susan, alongside Kate. Raquel says that Susan had Kate and David about ten years before giving birth to Raquel, and says that Susan was done having kids; hence giving Raquel up for adoption.

[rich Embed]

There's another sibling, though, who Raquel does not mention on the show or in her Instagram caption.

On Everything Iconic last year, Raquel says that she has a younger sibling and that they're both adopted. Of her sibling, she says: "She grew up a complete Tom Boy, so, polar opposite. We're six years different in age. She... I don't know, it's a touchy thing... she now identifies as a boy, and his name is Sam, and he's doing his thing right now."

When Danny asked if we'd ever see Sam on the show, Raquel says, "Probably not. He's not into that stuff."

If we get a James and Raquel wedding, though... who knows. Now that Kate is in the mix, maybe more of Raquel's family will start to appear.

Editor's note: This article has been updated from its original version to include the most recent information that Raquel shared about her family via an Oct. 22 Instagram post.


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